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Why Should I Create a Blog?-Let me Give you a Few Reasons


You probably have asked yourself or are asking yourself “why should I create a blog?” All over social media we see people who are talking about how they make thousands of dollars per month, even over a hundred thousand plus dollars a month! Is it true, can it be done?!

To be honest, I am now into my fourth month of creating this blog and it has been a blast! There have been many times where I wanted to quit or didn’t feel motivated whatsoever to work on it!

I have literally spent over a couple hundred hours working on it, but it has been totally worth it (and will be in the long run!) Let’s dive into this now!

5 Reasons you might want to Start a Blog

Passive Income Opportunity

One of the biggest marketing techniques as to why we should create a blog is because of the passive-income opportunity that is there. All over social media you see people talking about how they make $10,000+ a month and how it has changed their lives! They then might offer a free training or one at low cost to “show” you how they did it!

Their ad will say something along the lines of “let me show how I make $8,000+ with my blog in five easy steps for FREE!” Obviously people are making money out there with their blogs as they are promoting it!

When you see these ads you dream of everything you would do if you could quit your regular day job and made that much each month!

Make Money while Traveling

This is another huge one! I see ads every day on Facebook of people promoting their lifestyle of traveling and making money at the same time! Once I start making enough with this website, that is something I am going to do with my wife for a while, I mean who doesn’t want to travel while making money simultaneously?

Why should I create a blog?

Just remember (and I’ll go into this in more detail later), it’s going to take awhile before you are making enough money to travel full time. One popular blogger is Michelle Schroder and she has been traveling full time now for over two years or something! I’ll be talking more about her later though!

You Love to Write

Maybe a reason you want to start a blog up is because you love to write! I know this was a reason I wanted to start up a blog! I love to write, but not just about anything. I don’t like writing essays or anything of that nature! I really enjoy writing about things I have learned and how to help others become more successful!

I also really enjoy writing fantasy though I haven’t done it in quite sometime. Once I am financially free, one of the things I want to do is write my own fantasy series that I started writing a few years back!

You want to Share your Knowledge and Experience with the World

Another reason many people start up a blog is to share their expertise in a particular industry to the world! I know myself personally this was another huge reason for me to start a blog!

I have done so many things in the last few years that have helped me improve my quality of life greatly and I want to share that with others! If you yourself have been in an industry for quite some time, then there is a huge chance you can become successful starting a blog!

Why I Started a Blog

Search for Financial Freedom

The answer to the question “Why did I start a blog?” is a little complex! I first started learning about the importance of creating a passive income about 3 years ago. Ever since then I have dedicated my time to learning about business, sales, personal development and more!

I would even take jobs just so I could start learning certain skills! One of the things I started up a few years ago was a blog, here on Wealthy Affiliate. I had tried starting up in a niche that I knew absolutely nothing about and failed, so I quit. Also I just wasn’t financially stable enough.

For the next couple years I bounced around from thing to thing trying out different options seeing what would work best for me. During this time I had the idea to start MindzUnleashed and gear it towards people who thought like me and wanted what I wanted out of life.

I wanted to help them avoid all the mistakes I had made! So I went and bought the domain and got all the social media accounts for MindzUnleashed!

Anyways, finally after trying out different things and learning new skills I landed a job working for a public adjusting company making a salary plus commissions! Soon I wasn’t worried about financial problems and the thought came to me that now was the time to start MindzUnleashed.

After doing some research and seeing others who had become successful at making passive income online, I took the plunge!

Over the last few years I had also learned that in order for me to become successful at something I would need to pick one business and FOCUS on it until I became successful! Every time I bounced to something new, the clock for becoming financially free would restart.

Time Freedom

Another reason I decided to start a blog was for the time freedom! I have had no desire whatsoever to work for someone else most of my waking life! I wanted to be able to spend as much time with my wife and future kids as possible!

I want to be able to go to all family events, I want to go out and create fun memories with my family! I don’t want to have any regrets in life, especially that. I have heard to many stories of people being on their death bed and saying how they had regrets about not spending enough time with loved ones. I don’t want that to be me.

Read my Blogging Journey Here!

Why you should Start a Blog- Practical Reasons

Now that we’ve discussed a little bit about the normal reasons people start up a blog, lets talk about practical reasons! The first and foremost reason is because we live the digital age.

Over 3 BILLION people use the internet now! Instead of having to set up a store and pay for advertising to sell only to people in your city, you can now target a much larger audience at a much cheaper price!

Maybe not cheap in sweat equity, but cheap financially. If you look at the richest man in the world Jeff Bezos, he has made his fortune using the internet! Now I am not saying you can become a Jeff Bezos, (I don’t I will either) but you can certainly learn how to make a full time income online as there are thousands of others who have done it!

Another reason to start up a blog is inflation! When was the last time you got a raise at work?? I know people who have been with their current employer for over 10 years and have not gotten a single raise, yet every year the price of everything raises 5-6%. If everything is getting more expensive but you aren’t making any money, then you are becoming poorer and poorer each year!

I know that, that is a little sad to think about, but it is true! Let that be motivation in and of itself to create a successful blog! Think about it, with a blog, you can grow your income EVERY YEAR thus out pacing inflation!

What Blog do you want to Start Up?

Now the next thing you are going to need to do is decide what sort of blog you want to start up. You can either pick a industry you have tons of knowledge in or something completely new!

Something that quite a few people do is a personal blog, where they blog about their personal life!

You can read my different basic niche guides here, I am always adding new posts to it!

A Couple Important Things to Remember

Now, this is going to be very important you keep these things in mind if you decide to start a blog.

Success does not come overnight. To create a successful blog you are going to have to put in hundreds of hours of work in before you start to see things moving! Many people who advertise how to live the good life, don’t mention the blood sweat and tears it took to get there!

You are going to want to set a realistic timeline for yourself of when you will start making money! I personally have told myself that I won’t make money for the first year I am up and running, that way I don’t get disappointed if I haven’t made a dollar after my first six months!

Another important thing to remember is that thousands of people start up a blogs everyday, yet almost no one is successful with it. Why? Because after not seeing results in the first couple months they QUIT!!

Now that I am into month 4, it is quite a bit easier to keep going because my posts are now starting to get ranked in Google, however for the first three months almost nothing happened and I was getting very discouraged which brings me to my next point!

When you get discouraged or feel like it’s not worth it, remind yourself why you started in the first place! When you start working on your website when you haven’t felt like it the energy and excitement starts to come back! (At least that’s how it is with me!) Expect to feel discouraged and the feelings of wanting to quit, it happens to everybody!

One other very important thing to remember is to choose one website and stick with it! I have seen many people who have been blogging for over a year or longer but keep trying to make different websites and so don’t get very far! Each time you start a new website you have to start the trust relationship with Google from the very beginning!

If you work on a website for 6 months but then decide you want to start a new website because you don’t like what you are currently writing about you just LOST 6 MONTHS OF TIME! So make sure you really think about what you want to create a website on!

Michelle Schroder- An Inspiration

This is a blogger I look up to quite a bit, as her story is very inspiring! She started her blog “Making Sense of Cents” in 2011 while working full time! When she first started she had no idea that you could even make money with a blog!

After 6 months she ended up making her first $100 online, that started her on the path to make even more! Then 2 years later in 2013 she was able to quit her full time job and start blogging full time!

Now in 2018 she is making over $100,000 A MONTH!! It is crazy! I thought to myself if she can do it, then I can do it as well! She has tons of great content and she also publishes her monthly income results! It is cool to see the progression she has made!

My Number 1 Recommendation for Starting a Blog

If you really want to start a blog up I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate! They have all the training and tools necessary to become successful! They guide you step by step on your journey! There is also a great community that you get to work with and be involved! Everyone is very friendly and helpful!

<<Read my full Wealthy Affiliate Review Here>>

Well, I sure hope this post has helped you see the reasons why you should start up a blog! It is something that is fun and rewarding! Why do you want to start a blog? Leave a comment below!

All the Best,








    When I started writing my own blogs, I had to choose a topic I wanted to learn about, and this formula really worked for me. And truly success doesn’t come overnight. This is the moment when your true personality will be tested. Either you are a go-getter or a quitter. You cannot be the two, and you must be the first type to succeed with your blog.

    I love the way you highlight the fact that making money would require setting a realistic timeline. There are many ads online advertising $1000s being earned through blogging. But they always fail to mention the real moment they started making that sum if at all they do it. My experiences online have shown that these things take time

    Your post was very resourceful and I enjoyed reading. Thanks for sharing.

    • Chris


      Thanks for your insight! You are totally right about there being go-getters and quitters! It’s unfortunate that 90% of people fall into the latter one.

      All the Best,


  2. Holly

    Great article! I’m only about 3 weeks into blogging, so I love reading the perspectives of people a bit ahead of me. Like you, I’m really enjoying this process–I love to write (but unlike you, I also like writing essays LOL), I love building something I can be proud of, I love having the creative outlet….enjoying the process will help me keep motivated as I wait to see the fruits of my labor. Being 3 weeks into it, obviously Google doesn’t care much about me yet…but I can only hope that by following the training at WA that it’s only a matter of time.

    Great post, very inspiring!

    • Chris

      Hey Holly!

      Haha I have no idea how you enjoy writing essays! That’s great you have made it three weeks so far, just keep pushing and posting quality content and Goolge will start to trust you! 

      My first two months none of my posts ranked in Google at all! Yesterday with my new post I was already ranked into page 5 of the search results!

      What they teach at Wealthy Affiliate really works!

      All the Best,


  3. Rachel

    Thank you for mentioning that it takes time to build an online business off of a blog! I see too many websites say that they can help people make thousands within a month or two & that definitely isn’t true at all. I would also like to have a financial blanket & income for me to call blogging a full-time job. That is my ultimate dream! When you put your mind to it – you can do it! I also recommend not setting your goals too high at first or you won’t keep motivated enough to keep the blog going.

    • Chris

      Hi Rachel!

      Thanks for your input! I totally agree that when you put your mind to something you can do it! I would love to hear about the success you have in the future!

      All the Best,


  4. Joo

    Your post has been inspiring. What I find most valuable is your advice that we should really think carefully about what we want to blog about, instead of plunging right in, and 6 months down the road decide to go for something else. 

    You’ve also realistically pointed out that it takes hundreds of hours of hard work to see some results, which is so unlike many online opportunities, which boast of getting people rich within a week, a month, able to earn 4 figures, 5 figures. Those are simply baits that target on people’s big weakness: greed. So I really like what you are recommending here, hard work and more hard work will get you there. 

    Wish you all the best in your blogging journey!

    • Chris

      Hi Joo!

      I am glad you found some value here! It’s nearly impossible to get rich without any hardwork! Those people who claim to make thousands within a month or two most likely have spent years trying to get there! It is completely unfair for them to advertise the way they do!

      All the Best,


  5. Oscar

    Hey Chris,

    yes, you are so right.  These are great reasons to start a blog.  I started out in search of financial freedom.  Over time (i have been blogging for a year now), it has become a part of my life and I want to help people.  By helping others, you will start to make money!  That is the only way.  

    For example, if there is good doctor and he cares about his patients, more and more people will come to him for help.  And that is how he is going to be successful.  Isn’t success based on your willingness to help others?

    I heard about Making Sence of Cents a few months ago.  And I cannot believe that, but again, if you work hard and do your best, you will get there eventually.

    To yours and my success with blogging,


    • Chris

      Hey Oscar!

      Glad to meet someone who has walked the walk and had some success so far! You are totally right about helping others! One of my favorite quotes is “when you help enough people get what they want, you will eventually get what you want!

      Yeah it is crazy hard to believe how much money she is making now!

      All the Best,


  6. Francesco

    Hey Chris,

    First of all, as a new blogger for less than year, I really needed to see this especially when you talked about how many people quit after a few months of not seeing results—maybe chasing dollars and not passions. I needed to be reminded of that. Right now, I’m a few months into building content—I have been investing a lot more time as of the past month—and I’m getting a little burnt out. I’m still interested in my topic but I feel like I have ran out of ideas and strong keywords. I’m sure you’ve felt this way before which is why I’m glad you mentioned that refreshed re-ignited feeling of coming back to work on a blog that you’ve stepped away from for a period of time. (That’s what happens to me when I step away for a day or two.)

    I want to blog for all the same reasons you mentioned—financial freedom, travel, spend more time with loved ones, work for myself, and help others through expressing my own truths & passions. I also have another reason to have a successful blog which is to have the capital to invest in my music career. Maybe I need to be a little more patient.I booked marked your site because I feel like you have a lot of pertinent information for a fellow blogger like myself. Can send me the links to any other articles you or anyone else has written that I might want to check out that would be helpful for my blog?



    • Chris

      Hey Francesco!

      Thanks for being so open! I know how you feel, there have been days where I wanted to stop because I felt burnt out as well! The best thing to do is take a day break and then get back at it!

      I am really glad to hear that you felt like this has helped you! I will definitely try to remember to send you things that I feel would help ya out!

      What niche are you working in currently?

      All the Best,


  7. Sherman

    A very good and informative post. You listed some very good reasons for someone starting a blog with the long term financial benefit being high among them. I saw blogging as one of the best ways of creating a passive income stream whether that be from ads or from the sale of your own product. It’s a lot of work when one is starting out but you know what they say, “If you want to live the life that most people can’t, you have to be willing to do what most people won’t”. Thanks for sharing your insights on the subject.

  8. Chad

    Hello Chris,

    Very good post on blogging, many people are wondering how they could make some money online. I have been doing that for years and the truth is there are many pitfalls getting started in an online business.

    It is good that you make a point to let everyone know that it takes effort from someone to make things happen. Many of the opportunities that are out there try to appeal to someones lazy side. That is a warning to run the other way…

    Good point you raise about companies; in general the compensation plans have decreased over the years, while the amount of responsibility has increased. This is a good reason to look to other alternative ways to make a living.

    True freedom would be; the able to take your income with you, to any city or country you decide to visit. That is a very powerful motivator to stay focused on the goal at hand.

    Thanks for the post,

    Have a great day!

    • Chris

      Hey Chad!

      Since you’ve been doing this for quite some time (where I have been only doing it for a few months) what are some of the biggest pitfalls people fall into when starting an online business??
      Thank you for your insights!

      All the Best,


  9. swangirl


    I shared many of these reasons for wanting to start a blog. I wanted to start something that would build up to a passive income someday. I also like to write and want to share my experience. I would love to be free to travel someday also.

    You are right that it is so easy to get discouraged…I have been there many time since I started my websites. I am so glad I stuck it out though since I make a profit now each month. It is slow at the beginning but when you get to the point you can write a new post and instantly have it go straight to the first page of Google within just a few minutes, you know you are on to something powerful! The post I wrote most recently went straight to #2 on Google. I submitted it to get indexed, went to check the rank and it was already there! It is an amazing feeling when you have learned enough to do that. I still don’t make much but that is because I don’t put much time into my websites. I have a full time job and just do this on the side.

    It is a great way to build your passive income!


    • Chris

      Hey Jessica!

      That’s so cool to hear you got ranked that quickly! I cannot wait for that to start happening with my site! That is great to hear you are making money each month!

      That really gives me strength to keep going! I can’t wait to have that feeling of success like you!

      All the Best,


  10. Michele

    Hi Chris,

    Lots of information here and lots of ideas for niches giving visitors plenty of options, room for thought and growth.

    You have set your posts out well with lots of appropriate links back to where to go to start this great journey; 

    Wealthy Affiliates. Well done.

    I see lots of websites, where the content doesn’t  touch on Affiliate Marketing, but they do throw in links to  advertise Affiliate Marketing. Does it fit? To my mind no, your thoughts? (Perhaps I need to think outside the box more).

    After reading your posts I thought perhaps advertising books relative to an affiliate blog would work, what do you think? 


    • Chris

      Hey Michele!

      Glad you like the ideas I have shared so far! I think if someone’s site or content doesn’t talk about affiliate marketing then yeah its a little weird to be advertising affiliate marketing since it has nothing to do with what you are talking about!

      I think that would definitely work!

      All the Best,


  11. Maria

    You have been very realistic in your post. As you said everything require a lot of work, practice, persistence, and patience for success and have the financial freedom we deserve. The most important thing is never quit, never give up. Select the correct topic to speak about is very important. I liked your post, thank you for sharing this article.

    • Chris

      Hey Maria!

      Glad you agree with my opinion and that you found it realistic! I like to be realistic with everyone so they don’t have improper expectations!

      All the Best, 


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