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Wealthy Affiliate- The Best Affiliate Training Course


Table of Contents

Thanks so much for checking out my Wealthy Affiliate Review! It is my goal to make this the most comprehensive Wealthy Affiliate guide out there! If you want you can read from start to end or you can skip around to the parts that interest you, you can just use the table of contents up above to skip to the section you are interested in learning about!

Now obviously I am going to be a bit biased (since I use them) but I hope to show you why I think Wealthy Affiliate is the best affiliate training course out there!

Honestly, if there is something not working on this review just let me know in the comments and I will fix it!

Wealthy Affiliate Overview and Rankings

Founders: Kyle and Carson


Date Founded: 2005

Training Rating: 4.8/5 Stars

Community Support: 4.7/5 Stars

Cost: Starter-Free/Premium $49/Month or $349/Year or $299 Yearly on Black Friday!!

Purpose: Help People Find Success In Affiliate Marketing

Who is Wealthy Affiliate For?

Now here comes the big question, is Wealthy Affiliate for you?? I once started Wealthy Affiliate a couple years ago, but was not in a position to stick with it. As a result I ended up spending $100 unnecessarily. Now if I had really known what it was going to take to become successful at WA, I would’ve held off for a while.

Wealthy Affiliate is for those who can think long term and are patient. Creating a blog and doing affiliate marketing takes time! This is not something where you will be making a profit within a few days. More like, you will make your first commission within 6-12 months!!

There are tons of success stories out there where people are making millions off their blog, well guess what? They have been working on it for years and years and years! If you think that you can do it “faster” than others, well I’m sorry to say, it’s not going to happen!

If you need money right now or you are going to go homeless, starting up a website is not what you want to do. It might be better to do some type of job on the side until you get into a better place financially. When you are stressing about money, it makes everything a million times harder.

People who are like me, who aren’t stressing financially but want to build something a business that brings in passive income and you have the time to dedicate to it, this would be a great opportunity!

If you don’t have the time to put in at least 10 hours a week, this wouldn’t be for you either. To be successful at blogging/affiliate marketing you need to be able to write two articles a week plus design the layout of your website while going through training.

You want to treat this like a business, otherwise it will just be a hobby and fail. As of right now I dedicate at least twenty hours a week to building MindzUnleashed.

Also if you are a pro or have been doing affiliate marketing for quite some time, Wealthy Affiliate probably isn’t for you, it is best suited for those who have no idea on how it works, so if you are a beginner, then you’ll definitely want to do this!

How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

I know in the overview I went over pricing, but now I’d like to go into more detail on what you get for the starter (free) membership and the premium (paid) membership. Here is a picture at a quick glance! You can scroll down to any of these and see my quick definition for each! If you know what all these are then you can skip this section!

If you want to have more information on everything in Wealthy Affiliate I will be doing a super in depth analysis on everything!

First I will do a condensed review for those who don’t want to read a novel!
The Best Affiliate Training Course

As you can see there are tons of features included in the premium membership that you don’t get with the starter membership. I’ll give a quick summary for each one of these features so you know what they do!

Live Help: In the community chat you can ask questions and get help from members in real time. I myself answer quite a few questions throughout the day.

Private Messaging: Just like messenger you can communicate privately with other premium members and have discussions.

Websites: With the starter membership you can have two websites with Wealthy Affiliate. With the premium you can have fifty websites at Wealthy Affiliate (don’t worry, that is more than enough!)

Website Security Package: Top notch security for your website

Website Backup: Pretty self-explanatory, but a backup of your website encase anything goes wrong with it and it crashes or something of that nature.

Beginner Training Course: Video lessons on how to get your blog up and running so you are making money within 6-12 months! There are seven modules, however the starter membership only comes with access to the first module.

Personal Affiliate Blog: This is pretty cool, within Wealthy Affiliate you have your own personal blog that you can gain rank within Google immediately!

Affiliate Bootcamp Training: Wealthy Affiliate has their own affiliate program (one of the highest paid out there!), this Bootcamp Training teaches you how to market Wealthy Affiliate and gain an income on it! Here is a sample of how much you can make with the program!

Earn While You Learn: Honestly, this one doesn’t strike me as a great feature just because you should always be learning, even if you are making millions of dollars per year. In my mind technically you should always be making money while learning!

Live Video Classes: This is actually a cool feature! Every Friday there is a live training you can tune into. If you can’t make it they make it available afterwards for everyone! So besides the normal training modules, there are tons of other training s on so many topics regarding blogging/affiliate marketing/creating e books!

Keyword Research Tools: This is one of my favorite features! A big part of getting traffic to your website is by creating content, but you need to make sure you are using the right keywords! If you create a blog with a keyword that has lots of competition, the chances of getting ranked in Google are slim, but if you use a keyword that doesn’t have much competition then you will get ranked into Google easier!

Training Classrooms: In this feature you can choose a topic and see training s that people within the community have made! Eventually when you get a high enough rank in the community you can actually create your own training s and get paid for them!

1 on 1 Coaching: This is pretty obvious, but you can get help from the top people in the community if you get stuck with something!

Private Access to Owners: Yes you can message with Kyle and Carson, though it might be a bit of a wait as they probably get 100’s of messages a day!

24/7/365 Website Support: If something goes wrong with your website, you can always message support and they will help you with your problem! I had a question once and they got back to me within fifteen minutes!

Website Feedback Platform: This is a great feature! You can share your website with the community and get feedback on how you can improve it! This is important because it can help you turn your website to what your audience wants!

Website Comments Platform: This is another great feature because Google will trust your website more as people engage with the content! You can share posts with others and have them post comments relevant to your post!

Website Analysis: Wealthy Affiliate has a tool that tells you how your website is doing and what you can do to make it better and more trustworthy. Here is a picture showing what that looks like!

As you can see there are many features available! Is it worth the price? YES!!!!

Go ALL IN For Success

Success is never guaranteed for anyone! If you truly want to have the best chance at being successful with affiliate marketing/blogging, then you need to go ALL IN!

You can’t sit on the fence. When I decided that this was what I wanted to do for my business I bought the yearly membership! I also paid a company to create my logo, once you have spent your hard-earned money you aren’t going to want to quit. You WILL want to try to make that money back!

If you commit to it, make sure you are committed to trying to make it work for at least five years! Amazon didn’t make a profit for the first seven years it was up! Now Amazon is one of the biggest companies out there! What if Jeff Bezos had given up after year two because he hadn’t made a profit yet? Crazy to think about huh?

A Little Gift From Me!

Okay, so here is what I want you to do. If you have thought AT ALL about doing affiliate marketing, become a Starter Member now! If in your first week you decide you like what you see I’ll give you your first month as a Premium member over 60% OFF!! Instead of $49 your first month it will be $19, but you have to decide in the first week! (Don’t worry, I decided in the first two days haha!) If you don’t like what you see then you don’t need to take the offer!

Once you join I will send you a personal message within the first hour! Remember, you can ask me any questions at all once you are in the community! Click on the “Get Started Here!” in the picture below to create your free account!

For those of you who are still a little skeptical, I am going to be doing a very in-depth presentation to show you EVERY. SINGLE. FEATURE! (Or at least try to!)

A Inside Look of MY Wealthy Affiliate Premium Account!

  • Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard (Video)
  • Wealthy Affiliate Training (Text, Video Coming Soon!)

Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard

When you very sign up with Wealthy Affiliate you will be taken to your “Dashboard.” This is the main homepage for your Wealthy Affiliate account! Within the Dashboard there are many features to go to as well as buttons to click on. I will show you how these all work! Here is what the dashboard looks like: I’ve highlighted the items I am going to be talking about so you can see where they are!

Wealthy Affiliate Training Revealed!

In this section I will be showing EVERYTHING you will be learning in the main two training courses! The main two training courses are the “Online Entrepreneur Certification Program” and the “Affiliate Bootcamp.” In the Online Entrepreneur Certification Program you will learn how to create a success website for any niche you want!

In the Affiliate Bootcamp you will learn how to successfully market Wealthy Affiliate as they have their own affiliate program! If you are interested in see what is in Affiliate Bootcamp and want to skip the training content of the first course just click the link above!

**Update** As of right now Google+ is still a part of the training courses! With it shutting down I imagine Wealthy Affiliate will replace it with something else. For right now I will keep the Google+ stuff in here as it is part of the current training!

Online Entrepreneur Certification

The Online Entrepreneur Certification consists of 5 levels and 50 lessons and here they are!

Level One “Getting Started”

All of level one is included in the Starter Membership! In level one you have 10 different lessons.

In Lesson One “Getting Rolling” you will

Learn about how you are going to become successful at Wealthy Affiliate and have a quick walk through of what you will be doing at Wealthy Affiliate.

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Watch the Wealthy Affiliate Walk Through Video
  • Watch the Wealthy Affiliate Account Set-Up
  • Complete the Account Set-Up Process

In Lesson Two “Understanding How to Make Money Online” you will

Learn about how to make money online with affiliate marketing.

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Watch the “How to Make Money Online” Video
  • Understand the Process of Making Money Online Info Graphic
  • Join the discussion “Money Goals” and create your OWN GOALS!
  • Comment on at least two other members goals!

In Lesson Three “Choose a Niche” you will

Learn about niches and how to choose one! You will then choose your niche!

Task to be Completed:

  • Watch the “Choosing a Direction Video
  • Choose your Niche!

In Lesson Four “Building your Own Niche Website” you will

You will learn how to create your first Siterubix website or a domain you own!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Watch the video “Building your Website in Under 30 Seconds Video”
  • Build your First Website in the Niche Have Chosen!

In Lesson Five “Setting up your Website” you will

Start to work on the foundation of your website and also learn the basics of wordpress!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Watch the “Setting up your Website” Video
  • Login to your Website
  • Active TWO Plugins
  • Delete the Default Post, Page and Comment!

In Lesson Six “Getting your Site Ready For Search Engines” you will

Learn about what SEO is and how you can use it to generate free organic traffic for your website!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Watch the Video “Getting your Website SEO Ready”
  • Set up your All in One SEO Settings!

In Lesson Seven “Creating Your Initial Website Content” you will

Make your very first post and page! Kyle’s video walk through makes it super simple!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Watch the Video “Creating your Initial Website Framework”
  • Create and PUBLISH your About Me Post
  • Create and Publish your Privacy Policy Page

In Lesson Eight “Creating Custom Menus On Your Website” you will

Learn how to make your website menu which will include your About Me post and Privacy Policy page!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Watch the Video “Creating Custom Menus & Navigation”
  • Create a Custom Menu on Your Website

In Lesson Nine “Understanding Keywords, The Start of your Content” you will

Learn about the importance of finding relevant, quality keywords for your website! You will learn what a keyword is as well! You will then start searching for your first keywords for your website!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Watch the “Keyword Mastery” Video Walk-Through
  • Perform at Least 5 Searches Using Jaaxy
  • Find 5 Keywords that Meet the Keyword Criteria

In Lesson Ten “Congratulations and Your Next Steps” you will

Do a quick re-cap on all the previous lessons and your accomplishments so far! You will then have to decide if you want to become a premium member to continue with the training. If you decide to not go premium yet, you can continue writing posts on a free Siterubix site!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Read the “Perk’s of Being Premium” Post
  • Upgrade to Premium
  • Continue to Level 2 of the Training (Only Possible if you go Premimum)

Level Two “Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website”

In Lesson One “Your Own Domain, Your Brand” you will

Buy your own domain for your brand! This was one of my favorite things to do for MindzUnleashed!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Buy a Brandable Domain From SiteDomains
  • Watch the Video “Choosing & Buying a Brandable Domain Name”

In Lesson Two “Move on Over, My Brand has Arrived” you will

Put all the content on your SiteRubix website to your new domain!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Watch the Video “Transferring a Website to Your Own Domain”
  • Transfer Your Website to Your Own Domain

In Lesson Three “Creating Keyword Rich Content” you will

Learn how to correctly write posts to rank in Google and what not to do so Google doesn’t penalize you!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Watch the Video “Creating Keyword Rich Content for SEO”
  • Choose a Target Keyword for your First “Keyword Rich” Post
  • Use the SiteContent Template to Create/Write your Article
  • Publish Your Article to Your Website as a Post

In Lesson Four “Setting up a Domain Specific Email Account” you will

Make your own email for your website. Mine for example is You will also start to get feedback on your site by giving others feedback!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Watch the “Creating Email Accounts” Video Walk-through
  • Set Up an Email Account OR an Email Forward
  • Update Your Email in Your Privacy Policy Page
  • Watch the SiteFeedback Benefits Video
  • Offer Feedback to At LEAST Two Other Members
  • Post your Website for Feedback Within the SiteFeedback Platform
In Lesson Five “The Traffic Breakdown” you will
Start to understand the process of how people decide to purchase products online! You also learn more about the word CONTENT and why it isn’t as scary as you may think it is!
Tasks to be Completed:
  • Create a New Keyword Rich Post & Publish
  • Read “The Customer Purchase Lifecycle” Training
  • Watch the Video “How Content Can Lead to Mass Traffic”

In Lesson Six “Making Use of Visuals” you will

Learn how to upload pictures and find free images for your site! You will also learn how to choose pictures that go along with your posts!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Watch the Video “How to Find & Add Images to Your Website”
  • Add Relevant Imagery to Your Post
  • Add Relevant Images to all of your other Pages

In Lesson Seven “Understanding the Low Hanging Fruit” you will

Discover how there are unlimited amount of keywords for you to use that can drive traffic to your site! This tactic also will allow you to ranking faster and higher in the search engines!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • “Watch the Video “How to get Keywords Ranked With Low Hanging Fruit”
  • Come Up with 5 Keywords with Under 100 (QSR) Competition
  • Create a Page/Post Targeting a Low Hanging Fruit Keyword
  • Share Content on the “Give and Take” Discussion

In Lesson Eight “Making Face as a Real Person” you will

Will create a Gravatar that has your profile picture so people know who you are!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • “Watch the Video “How to Create a New User in WordPress”
  • Create a New User
  • Update All of your Pages and Posts to Reflect the New User

In Lesson Nine “Amplifying your Google Love, with Google” you will

Learn the importance of having a Google Plus account and how it can impact your rankings!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Set Up a Google Plus Account
  • Add at Least 5 People on G+ to Your Circles
  • Add your Google + Account to the “Share Your G+ Account” Blog Post
  • Create a New Post and Add it (With Engagement) to Your google + Posts Page

In Lesson Ten “Boosting your WA Ranks!” you will

Learn more about the ranking system inside Wealthy Affiliate and how you can become an Ambassador!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • “Watch the Video “Benefits of Being an Ambassador
  • Create one Blog Post within Wealthy Affiliate
  • Check Your Ambassadorship Rankings
  • Comment on at Least 2 Goal Posts
  • Help One Person Through the “Unanswered” Tab on the Dashboard

Level Three “Making Money”

In Lesson One “Understanding the MONEY in Online Business” you will

Learn the importance of offering value and the importance of building a relationship with your visitors!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Read the “Customer Purchase Lifecycle” Training
  • Write ONE Page/Post Targeting a New Keyword and Publish it on your Website

In Lesson Two “Understanding Affiliate Programs & Networks” you will

Learn about the basics of affiliate marketing, how you make money with affiliate marketing and how affiliate networks work!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Watch the Video “Understanding the Basics of Affiliate Marketing”
  • Join At Least ONE Affiliate Network
  • Create ONE New Page/Post on Your Website and Publish
  • Use the SiteFeedback Platform to get At Least One Review of Your New Post

In Lesson Three “Relevant Affiliate Programs are Everywhere” you will

Learn how to find affiliate programs through searching in Google and then join two programs!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Watch the Video “How to Find Relevant Affiliate Programs”
  • Search for and Join At Least 2 “Niche Relevant” Affiliate Programs

In Lesson Four “Adding Affiliate Links to your Pages” you will

Learn how to add affiliate links to your posts and pages with products you are promoting!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • “Watch the Video “How to Add Affiliate Links”
  • Add At Least 3 Affiliate Links to your Content

In Lesson Five “Instant Access to a MILLION Products” you will

Learn about the Amazon Affiliates program! (Many people make a 6 figure income selling Amazon Products online!)

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Add One Relevant Amazon Product to your Site
  • Create ONE Page/Post and Publish it on your Website (Targeting a New Keyword)

In Lesson Six “Leveraging Product Reviews” you will

Learn the importance of creating product reviews on your website!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Watch the Video “How to Create a Product Review on your Website”
  • Write and Publish a Review (Make sure to Include Affiliate Links)
  • Set Up At Least TWO Google Alerts

In Lesson Seven “Getting Paid for Ads on your Site” you will

Learn how to sign up for Google Adsense!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Sign Up to Google Adsense
  • Create One New Post Targeting A Low Hanging Fruit Keyword
  • Publish the Post on your Site
  • Research 10 New Keywords for Upcoming Content

In Lesson Eight “Earning Pennies OR Dollars?” you will

Learn about using affiliate links vs. ad sense and the amounts of money you can make with each.

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Add Both Advertising and an Affiliate Link to one of your Pages/Posts
  • Add and Affiliate Promotions to one of your Pages/Posts
  • Add Advertising (Adsense, etc) to one of your Pages/Posts
  • Write a SINGULAR Product Review and add it as a Post on your Website

In Lesson Nine “A Brilliant Way to Track & Understand  Your Traffic” you will

Learn about Google Analytics and why it is important to start using and how to set up an account with them!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Watch the Video “How to Install Google Analytics Using All in One Plugin”
  • Create a Google Analytics Account
  • Add Google Analytics to Your Website

In Lesson Ten “With Help Comes Financial Success” you will

Learn about how helping others comes before you get financial success and how to create success if 4 steps!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • “Add ONE Page/Post to your Website (Targeting a New Keyword)
  • Watch the Video “How to Create an Online Business in 4 Steps?”

Level Four “Mastering Social Engagement”

In Lesson One “What does Social Engagement Mean to your Business” you will

Learn why it is important to have traffic through social media!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Create a Facebook Account
  • Create a Twitter Account
  • Create a Google Plus Account
  • Create a Pinterest Account

In Lesson Two “Making your Website a Place to Engage” you will

Learn how to create comments that search engines like and how to recognize spammers among other things!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Watch the Video “How to Properly Manage your Comments”
  • Create a New Post of Content with the “Engage” Factor
  • Share your New Post on Your Social Networks

In Lesson Three “Using Facebook the Right Way” you will

Learn about Facebook EdgeRank and how to become a Fire Starter!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Create a Facebook Status Update that Meets One of the SIX Engagement Factors
  • Create a Page/Post on your Website Targeting a New Topic or Keyword
  • Share this Page/Post from your Website to Facebook and Aim to Engage

In Lesson Four “Pintrest & the Visual Social Hemisphere” you will

Learn why Pintrest can be a good idea for your blog!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Create a Pinterest Account
  • Pin At Least ONE of your Blog Posts
  • Follow At Least 10 People
  • Write ONE Post and Publish it
  • Pin your New Post to your Pinterest Account

In Lesson Five “Incorporating a Sound Tweeting Campaign” you will

How to socially engage on twitter!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Set-Up a Twitter Account (If you don’t Already Have One)
  • Tweet a Page/Post on your Site
  • Tweet At Least ONE of your Articles
  • Tweet about a Trending Topic (from

In Lesson Six “Google Plus or Minus” you will

Learn more about the importance of Google Plus.

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Create a Google Plus Account (If you haven’t yet)
  • Create at Least One Google Plus Post
  • Add you Google Plus Link to the Shared Page @ WA
  • Follow at Least 10 Fellow Members (via the share page)
  • Follow Kyle and Carson on Google+

In Lesson Seven “The Benefit of Being Social at WA” you will

Learn more about the importance of being active within the Wealthy Affiliate Community.

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Create a Blog Post or Question here at WA
  • Share your Post on Facebook
  • Create One More Post on your Website Targeting a New Keyword

In Lesson Eight “Make your Campaigns Social Branding Animals” you will

Learn about the “Brand Effect” and how to make “readable content!”

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Create a New Page/Post on your Website
  • Share your Post to Facebook, Twitter, and Google
  • Pin your Post to Pinterest

In Lesson Nine “Using the Wealthy Affiliate Social Community” you will

Learn how to grow your network at Wealthy Affiliate!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Watch the Video “Sharing Content at WA”
  • Share At Least One Post to your Facebook
  • Share At Least One Post to Pinterest
  • Share At Least One Training Resource to Twitter
  • Share at Least One Training Resource to Google+

In Lesson Ten “You Cannot Be a Master of Everything” you will

Learn the importance of using social media properly so you don’t waste valuable time!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Create How/Why/When List of your Social Networks
  • Decide Which Social Networks you want to put into Share Only Mode
  • Create ONE Page/Post on your Website and Publish it
  • Share your New Page/Post on the FOUR Main Social Networks (FB,Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest)

Level Five: “Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

In Lesson One “Content is YOUR Business” you will

Learn how creating content is the most important thing you can do for your business!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • “Watch the Video “How to Create an Online Business-The 4 Steps”
  • Create One New Post (Targeting a Brand New Keyword)
  • Offer At Least 4 Comments Using the SiteComments Platform
  • Request 2 Comments Using the SiteComments Platform to get Website Engagement

In Lesson Two “Setting Up Google Webmaster Tool” you will

Learn why Google Webmaster Tools is important!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Watch the Video “How to Set-Up a Google Webmaster Tools Account (& Verify)
  • Set Up your Google Webmaster Tools Account
  • Verify your Google Webmaster Tools Account
  • Create One Post (Targeting a New Keyword) and Publish it

In Lesson Three “Improving Indexing Times and Speeds” you will

Be shown how to get you posts indexed quickly into Google!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • “Watch the Video “How to Submit a Sitemap to Google” Video
  • Create a SiteMap Within WordPress
  • Submit the SiteMap to Google
  • Create One New Post (Targeting a Brand New Keyword)
  • Get At Least ONE Comment using  the SiteComments Platform

In Lesson Four “People Need to Read your Content” you will

Be shown how to make content that looks nice and is easy to read!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Watch the Video “How to Create Readable Content That Ranks”
  • Create and Publish a Keyword Post (Focus on the Five Readability Items)
  • Get Website Feedback on Your New Review with the Review Thread

In Lesson Five “A Year is a Short Period of Time, Yet BIG for Business” you will

Learn about the importance of going long term with your blog! You will be shown the benefits of going yearly!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Create and Publish a New Keyword Targeted Post (Non Review)
  • Get Website Feeback on your New Post
  • Upgrade to a Yearly Membership (Optional)

In Lesson Six “Writing Within a Devised Plan Architecture” you will

Learn how to write posts effectively and how to plan for them!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Watch the Video “How to Efficiently Architect Content”
  • Create and Publish a New Product/Service Review (Keep in Mind your Plan)
  • Offer At Least 4 Comments using the SiteComments Platform
  • Request 2 Comments using SiteComments

In Lesson Seven “Writing your Content with Conversion Intent” you will

Learn how to add intent to your posts and pages and why it is important to do so!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Watch the Video “Creating Content with the Intent to Sell”
  • Create and Publish a New Review Utilising a “Call to Action”

In Lesson Eight “Injecting Comments With Intent” you will

Learn the 4 ways to make meaningful comments!

  • Watch the Video Walk-Through “Injecting Comments With Intent”
  • Go through At Least 5 Posts and add Intent to Comments
  • Create One New Post Targeting a New Keyword

In Lesson Nine “Bing and Yahoo, They are Still the 33%” you will

Learn how to create Bing account and get your website indexed with them!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Watch the “Setting Up Bing Webmaster Tools” Video
  • Set Up your Bing Webmaster Tools Account
  • Watch the Video “How to Submit a SiteMap to Bing
  • Submit a SiteMap to Bing

In Lesson Ten “Articulating a PLAN for the Months and Year Ahead” you will

Be shown how you can create weekly, monthly and longer term goals for your website!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Create a List of your Content Goals (3,6,12,18, and 24 Months)
  • Create a List of Your Goals for the Week Ahead
  • Create and Publish ONE New Post

Affiliate Bootcamp

This is for those who wish to solely focus on marketing the Wealthy Affiliate program!

Phase One “Getting Your Business Rolling

In Lesson One “Getting Started” you will

Learn about the Las Vegas trip for selling 300 premium referrals within a year!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Add your Affiliate Goals in Terms of Referrals to the Discussion
  • Comment on At Least 2 Other People Goals
  • Tell us if you Plan on Making the Las Vegas Conference in 2019
  • Watch the WA Affiliate Program Walk-Through

In Lesson Two “Choosing your Direction” you will

Learn about different target audiences for your website!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Read the Target Audiences Tutorial
  • Choose your Brand Direction for your Website
  • Leave a Comment Below IF you want Help Refining your Niche

In Lesson Three “Building your Website” you will

Create your first website!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Watch the Video “Build Your Website in 30 Seconds, Literally” Video
  • Choose a Domain (Either Free or Buy your Own)
  • Build your Website using the SiteRubix Platform

In Lesson Four “A Website Look Around” you will

Be shown the basics of your website and how to change certain features!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Watch the Video “Setting up your Website Back Office”
  • Delete Dummy Page & Post
  • Navigate the Back Office of your Site (Have a Look Around)
  • If there are any Updates Available (WordPress/Plugins/Themes), Update

In Lesson Five “Activating Your Plugins” you will

Be shown how to activate plugins for your website!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Watch the Video “Understanding & Activating your Plugins”
  • Activate both of your Plugins

In Lesson Six “Getting Your Website Ready for SEO” you will

Learn about the “All in one SEO” Plugin.

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Watch the “Setting up your Website for Search Engines” Video
  • Set Up your All in One SEO Settings

In Lesson Seven “Your Initial Framework of Content” you will

Start creating the foundation of your website!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Watch the Video “Creating your Initial Framework of Content”
  • Create your About Me POST
  • Create your Privacy Policy PAGE
  • Create your Initial Menu Structure

In Lesson Eight “Understanding the Keyword Research Process” you will

Learn what a keyword is and how to find them!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Watch the Video “Understanding the Keyword Research Process”
  • Research & Find 5 Keywords Relating to your Audience

In Lesson Nine “Creating Thoughtful, Insightful Reviews” you will

Learn the importance of creating a review that is in-depth and brings value to your readers!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Watch the Video “Creating Thoughtful, Insightful Reviews”
  • Choose a Wining Title for your Review
  • Create your Wealthy Affiliate Review
  • Publish your WA Review to your Website

In Lesson Ten “The Exciting Journey Has Begun” you will

Go over what you have accomplished so far, and give yourself a reward! 😉

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Reward yourself for your Hard Work Thus Far!
  • Continue to Phase 2 of the Bootcamp

Phase Two “Content, Keywords and Conversions”

In Lesson One “Creating Readable Content that Converts” you will

Learn techniques on how to make your content easier to read!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Create ONE more Blog Post (On a Topic of your Choice)
  • Make your Existing Content More “Readable” (Update Pages)

In Lesson Two “Properly Using Affiliate Links” you will

Learn how to make your affiliate links and tracking them easier!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Understand how to get your Affiliate Links from any Page at WA
  • Install the “Pretty Link” WordPress Plugin
  • Install the “Pretty Link” for Each of your Different Affiliate Links on your Webiste
  • Centralize your Wealthy Affiliate Offer (Link to the Review Page Where Applicable)
  • Add Affiliate Links for ALL Products you are Reviewing (If you haven’t yet)

In Lesson Three “Understanding Keywords & A Day of Selling” you will

Learn how to find keywords for people who are at the end of the buying process!

Tasks to be Completed:

  •  Watch the Video “Understanding the Importance of Keywords”
  • Watch the Video “Alphabet Soup Technique
  • Come up with 10 Selling Keywords
  • Write an Article that Targets a New Selling Keyword
  • Sign Up for a Free Jaaxy Account

In Lesson Four “Creating Reviews and Using Targeted Keywords” you will

  • Create a Review Template
  • Create a Spreadsheet to Manage & Track your Reviews
  • Write a Review on a New Product

In Lesson Five “Take a Break, Catch Up” you will

  • Catch up on any Unfinished Tasks
  • Share At Least ONE Blog Post Here at WA on Facebook (Use your Affiliate Link)

In Lesson Six “Backing Up your Website” you will

  • Back up your WordPress Site (Using Tools/Export Technique)
  • Create One New Page of Content on your Website (Content up to you)

In Lesson Seven “Enhancing Your Website ‘Experience'” you will

Learn how to make your website easier for visitors to navigate!

  • Re-Organize your Top Menu (Add Dropdown if Available)
  •  Create a New Custom Menu (for your Widget)
  • Add your New Custom Menu in your Sidebar

In Lesson Eight “Building MORE Content Through Internal Links” you will

Learn how to find content ideas from posts you have already created!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Create a List of 5 Content Ideas from your Existing Pages (Include Page URL)
  • Create ONE Post Based off of your New Found Content Idea
  • Interlink to this Post From your Website

In Lesson Nine “Write a Review and Share It” you will

  • Write a Product Review and Share it
  • Share your Review Within the Discussion Thread

In Lesson Ten “Offering Bonuses the Easy WA” you will

Update your Wealthy Affiliate Review to make it have higher conversions!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Incorporate Some Sort of Bonus within WA Review Page
  • Update your Automated Referral Message within WA
  • Take a 10 Day Break! (Remember to Continue Working on your Site though)

Phase Three “Giving your Site Social Value”

In Lesson One “Making your Site Social with Plugins ” you will

Learn how to connect your website to social media so people can share your post!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Install and Activate the Sociable Plugin
  • Set Up your Social Accounts (Any ones you don’t have)
  • Share your Wealthy Affiliate Review within ALL your Social NetworksCreate and Publish ONE New Page or Post on your Website

In Lesson Two “Making your Social Profiles Brand Friendly” you will

Learn how to make the most of your social media accounts!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Update your Facebook Profile to Include a Website
  • Update your Twitter Profile & Description to Include Website
  • Update your Google+ Occupation and Links to Include Website
  • Add your Website to your WA Profile

In Lesson Three “How to Create Socially Engaging Content” you will

Learn SIX ways to make your posts more engaging socially!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Create a Socially Engaging Post
  • Share your New Post on Facebook, Twitter & Google+
  • Add your Post URL to the Discussion

In Lesson Four “It’s All About Making Friends with Google” you will

Learn how to make Google love your content more and more!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Add yourself as a Contributor of your Site
  • Create a New Post and Add it (with Engagement) to your Google+

In Lesson Five “Take a Social Hiatus” you will

  • Catch Up on any Unfinished Tasks
  • Join in on the “Nothing has this” Discussion
  • Take a Break!

In Lesson Six “Power Writing Gone Wild” you will

Learn how to increase your writing proficiency!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Write for the Next 30 Minutes (Timed)
  • Post your Results Within the Discussion Thread

In Lesson Seven “Adding Google Analytics to Your Site” you will

  • Create a Google Analytics Account
  • Install Google Analytics on your Website
  • Create ONE New Blog Post/Page
  • Share your New Blog Post on All your Social Networks

In Lesson Eight “Leveraging the Jaaxy Affiliate Program” you will

Learn about the Jaaxy Affiliate Program!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Set Up your Jaaxy Account (If you don’t have one)
  • Create a Blog Post Related to the Keyword Research
  • Incorporate the Jaaxy Search Plugin into your New Post

In Lesson Nine “Making Promotional Use of your Sidebar” you will

Be shown how to strategically use banners and other promotional materials on your website!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Select a Banner that you want to use
  • Add your Selected Banner to the Sidebar Widget
  • Create a New Product Review Post

In Lesson Ten “Build, Build, and BUILD” you will

Be given some ideas on what you can do the next 20 days and how to get your creative side to come out!

  • Join in on the Discussion “Getting Good at Anything”
  • Spend the Next 20 DAYS “Building” onto your Site

Phase Four “Get Visual, Get Aesthetic. Get a Brand Through Media”

In Lesson One “Introduction to Website Design” you will

Learn 4 different ways to start updating your website currently!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Reshape you WA Review and add a NEW Appeal to it
  • Socially Share your Wealthy Affiliate Review Again, Encourage Feedback

In Lesson Two “An Image Says a THOUSAND Things” you will

Learn about the importance and power of imagery!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Create a Pinterest Account
  • Create a New Blog Post and “Pin It”
  • Create at Least 5 More Pins & Organize them into Appropriate Categories

In Lesson Three “Leveraging Wealthy Affiliate Videos for Conversions” you will

Learn about the power of video and how to use WA videos on your website!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Create a Blog Post Using and Incorporate a WA Training Video
  • Share your New Page on ALL Social Channels (Including Pinterest)
  • Share your New Post & Comment on AT LEAST one Other

In Lesson Four “Creating Logos and Images” you will

Learn about the importance of having a quality logo and images!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Using Cool Text to Add “Text Based” Images to your Site
  • Create a Textual Logo Using an Online Tool (Or use your Own Image Creator)
  • Add your New Logo to your Website

In Lesson Five “Give yourself a Break” you will

  • Take a Break
  • Catch Up on any “Unfinished” Tasks

In Lesson Six “Creating an Effective Jaaxy Review” you will

  • Create a Jaaxy Review
  • Share your Post

In Lesson Seven “Research Jaaxy Keywords, Then Show and Tell” you will

Be shown an effective way to market Jaaxy the Keyword Tool!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Research and Find 5 Jaaxy Appropriate Keywords
  • Create a Page or Post Targeting a Topic Related to Keyword Research
  • Link to your Jaaxy Review

In Lesson Eight “Pinning Habits Lead to Pinterest Power” you will

Learn how to develop great Pinterest habits!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Add At Least 7-8 Boards to your Pinterest Account (Do your Best to Fill them Up)
  • Follow At Least 10 People on Pinterest
  • Add your Pinterest Profile URL to the Discussion Thread
  • Pin at Least 5 Pages via your Affiliate Links

In Lesson Nine “Creating your own Videos” you will

Learn how to make bomb videos and put them on your website!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Test out At Least one of the Suggested Video Creators
  • Create ONE Video Teaching Someone About Wealthy Affiliate (Practice Video)

In Lesson Ten ” A Lesson on Customer Perspective” you will

Learn about how customers think and how to cater to them!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Create ONE Page or Post Using your New Knowledge on Perspective
  • Create a Plan for the Next 20 Days and Follow it!

Phase Five “Knowing Your Audiences & Catapulting Your Referrals”

In Lesson One “Creating Content with INTENT” you will

  • Watch the video “Amplifying Engagement & Conversions – Writing your Content with Intent”
  • Create One Page/Post that Focuses on “Intent” (and publish)
  • Add your Post to the “Share your Content with Intent” Discussion
  • Comment on At Least 2 Other People
  • Share your New Content on ALL of your Social Networks (in an egaging way)

In Lesson Two “Getting Your Comments to Convert” you will

  • Watch the “Mastering Comments” Video Walk-Through
  • Add a Page/Post to Following Discussion
  • Comment on At Least 2 Pages Within the Discussion
  • Respond to ALL Current Outstanding Comments on Your Site
  • Incorporate At Least 3 Internet Linking Pages Within your Comments

In Lesson Three “Video, a HUGE Source of Traffic” you will

Learn how videos can create a HUGE source of traffice for your website!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Come up with 3 Videos
  • Create a Video Using A Screencast Software
  • Export Your Video (Get Ready for Youtube)

In Lesson Four “From Keywords to LIVE on Youtube” you will

  • Watch the “Research to Youtube” Video
  • Come Up with a Relevant Keyword for your Video
  • Upload your Video to Youtube
  • Add a Video Title and Description to your Video

In Lesson Five ” A Discussion on Reviews (and a Break)” you will

  • Join Discussion “Where Do You Find Product Reviews”
  • Do Whatever you like (Completely up to you)

In Lesson Six “The Ultimate Referral Tool” you will

Learn how to create custom Wealthy Affiliate campaigns to boost conversions even more!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Watch the Video “Creating Custom Sign-Up Pages”
  • Create your Own Custom Sign-Up
  • Come Up with At Least 2 Other Custom Sign-Up Ideas

In Lesson Seven “Incorporating Your Custom Sign-Up Forms” you will

Put the custom sign up campaigns you just made onto your website!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Add the Custom Sign-Up Link to your Website
  • Create ONE more Custom Sign-Up Campaign
  • Watch the Video “Integrating Custom Sign-Up Campaigns Into Your Website?”

In Lesson Eight “Helping Folks is Critical” you will

Learn the importance of helping those you refer to Wealthy Affiliate find success!

  • Watch the Video “Leveraging Your Referral Follow-Ups”
  • Add your First Follow Up Message
  • Add your Second Follow Up Message
  • Add your Set Up Reminder

In Lesson Nine “Create a Custom Video Sign Up Pages” you will

  • Watch the Video “Creating Custom Video Sign Up Pages”
  • Creating a Getting Started Video
  • Create a Custom Sign Up Campaign w/ Video
  • Incorporate Custom Sign Up into your Website

In Lesson Ten “Creating a 6 Week Plan of Attack” you will

Do a whole bunch of freaking things!

Tasks to be Completed:

    • Join in on the “I would like to see in the upcoming phases of bootcamp…”discussion
    • Create & Publish Product Review #1 (socially share, add to comment discussion)
    • Create & Publish Product Review #2 (socially share, add to comment discussion)
    • Create & Publish Product Review #3 (socially share, add to comment discussion)
    • Create & Publish Product Review #4 (socially share, add to comment discussion)
    • Create & Publish Product Review #5 (socially share, add to comment discussion)
    • Create & Publish Product Review #6 (socially share, add to comment discussion)
    • Create & Publish Keyword Rich Page/Post #1 (socially share)
    • Create & Publish Keyword Rich Page/Post #2 (socially share)
    • Create & Publish Keyword Rich Page/Post #3 (socially share)
    • Create & Publish Keyword Rich Page/Post #4 (socially share)
    • Create & Publish Keyword Rich Page/Post #5 (socially share)
    • Create & Publish Keyword Rich Page/Post #6 (socially share)
    • Create & Upload Video #1 to Youtube (socially share)
    • Create & Upload Video #2 to Youtube (socially share)
  • Create & Upload Video #3 to Youtube (socially share)

Phase Six “Bing, Yahoo, & The Power of PPC”

In Lesson One “An Introduction to PPC on Bing Ads” you will

Start learning about the basics of “Pay Per Click” and how to make it work effectively on Bing and Yahoo.

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Watch the Video “How the PPC World Really Works”
  • Create a New “Product Review” Post on your Site
  • Share your Latest Post on all of your Social Media Networks

In Lesson Two “Letting Bing and Yahoo Know About Your Site” you will

Get your site indexed with Bing and Yahoo!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Watch the Video “Getting your Website Indexed and Ranked by Bing and Yahoo
  • Task Coming Soon

In Lesson Three “Paying for Traffic on Bing and Yahoo” you will

Start learning how to create effective ads for Bing and Yahoo!

  • Create a Bing Ads Account
  • Connect a Credit Cardto your Account
  • Create ONE Page/Post on your Website Trageting a Keyword

In Lesson Four “Setting Up Your First PPC Campaign” you will

Learn about the importance of relevance when doing PPC campaigns!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Watch the Video “Creating a Successful PPC Campaign”
  • Set Up your First Campaign/Ad Group
  • Create an Additional Ad Group

In Lesson Five “Take a Break, Do a Little Math” you will

Learn how to be more successful using the PPC math!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Take a Break
  • Join in on the “PPC Mathematical Formula” Discussion

In Lesson Six “Creating a Small, Bite Size Review Ad Groups” you will

Learn how to create Ads targeting a group of Keywords!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Watch the Video “How to Create PPC Ad Groups for Product Reviews”
  • Create At Least 5 Wealthy Affiliate Ad Groups
  • Create At Least 5 Jaaxy Ad Groups
  • Create 5 More Ad Groups Targeting another Review

In Lesson Seven “Setting up Conversion Tracking” you will

Learn how to track your conversions for the ads you are creating!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Watch the Video “Tracking WA Conversions Within BingAds”
  • Set Up your Campaign Tracking for WA
  • Create At Least 5 New Ad Groups

In Lesson Eight “Capitalizing on Hidden PPC Landing Pages” you will

Learn how to create “hidden” pages on your website that you don’t need to worry about SEO with!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Watch the Video “Using Hidden Pages for PPC”
  • Create a Hidden Page
  • Create At Least ONE Targeted Ad Group

In Lesson Nine “Getting REAL Creative with Keywords” you will

Dive deeper into coming up with keywords for PPC campaigns!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Watch the Video “PPC Breakdown”
  • Join in on “Good PPC Keywords” Discussion
  • Come up with 5 Ideas for Targeted Pages
  • Create a New Page Targeting an Audience you Find
  • Create at Least 2 Ad Groups

In Lesson Ten “Refining Your PPC Campaign & Your Journey Ahead” you will

Learn how to make the best of your current PPC Campaigns and make goals for the coming months for your PPC Campaigns!

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Watch the Video “How to Refine your PPC Campaigns
  • Build ONE More Targeted Page/Post
  • Create 5 More Ad Groups Targeting this Page
  • Create a Weekly Plan for Building your PPC Campaigns

Phase Seven “How to Scale Successful  PPC Campaigns”

I am not 100% what everything is that you learn here! I will update once I have completed it myself!

In Lesson One “Blasting Your WA Affiliate Earnings With PPC” you will

  • Watch the Video “Setting Up your Google Adwords Account”
  • Create One New Keyword Targeted Post on your Site
  • Watch the Video “Setting Up Google Conversion Tracking with WA”
  • Set Up a Google Adwords Conversion Tracking

In Lesson Two “Understanding the Google Adwords Opportunity” you will

  • Watch the Video “Properly Create Google Adwords Campaigns & Ad Groups
  • Create At Least 2 Ad Groups Targeting the Post you Created in the last Lesson

In Lesson Three “Maximizing Review Pages With PPC” you will

  • Watch the Video “Constructing a Successful Product Review PPC Campaign
  • Create at Least 2 Ad Groups Targeting your new Product Review
  • Create At Least 5 more Ad Groups Targeting Existing “Non Product Review Pages on your Site

In Lesson Four “You, the Affiliate, Are Responsible For Analysis” you will

  • Watch the “Using Comparison Charts to Amplify Conversions” Video
  • Create a Product Comparison Table
  • Create a New Review Post
  • Build 3 Targeted Ad Groups

In Lesson Five “Mastering the Flow of Relevance” you will

  • Write and Publish One New Keyword Targeted Post (For the Purpose of PPC)
  • Create At Least 2 Ad Groups in Google Adwords Targeting this Page
  • Create At Least 2 Ad Groups in BingAds Targeting this Page
  • Run your New Ad Group through the Relevance Checklist test until it is all YES’S

In Lesson Six “The ‘Double Down’ Approach to PPC” you will

  • Create 2 Ad Groups Targeting a Page/Post you are already Ranked for
  • Create ONE New Product Review (w/ comparison chart)
  • Create At Least 2 New Ad Groups for your Review

In Lesson Seven “Direct Link or Not to Direct Link” you will

  • Watch the Video “Creating a Direct Linking Campaign to Promote WA”
  • Create 3 Direct Linking Campiagns Targeting 3 different Keyword Concepts

In Lesson Eight “The Mathmatical Business Model of PPC” you will

  • Watch the Video “Making Sense of PPC Data”
  • Write and Publish One New Product Review
  • Incorparate a Camparison Chart into the Review

In Lesson Nine “Using Concise Pages for PPC you will

  • Watch the Video “Creating Content for the Purpose of Quicker Intent
  • Create and Publish a Post Geared Towards “Quick Intent”
  • Create At Least 2 Targeted Ad Groups

In Lesson Ten “Creating a Long Term, Scalable PPC Campaign” you will

  • Create a New Review Post (With Comparison Table)
  • Build 3 Targeted Ad Groups

WOWZA!!!! That took forever to type up haha! As you can see there is TONS of information at Wealthy Affiliate that you can learn from!

Frequently Asked Questions

I pulled this list of frequently asked questions from Jaaxy! As I find more I will update it!

How is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam??

For some reason there is A TON of people out there asking this question each month, I’m guessing they are find some forum or group that claims Wealthy Affiliate to be a scam, therefore they go type into Google “how is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?” I hope reach most of those people! Simply put, Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam.

If Wealthy Affiliate was a scam they would have been shut down long, long ago! Unfortunately there have been tons and tons of companies since the start of the internet age who have taken complete advantage of people in schemes promising easy money to be made or a get rich quick system.

In fact it has happened so much that almost everyone is weary when a company offers the opportunity to make money online. Don’t worry this is normal, I felt this way when I first was introduced to Wealthy Affiliate.

The thing that really made me trust was the fact that I could try out the premium features for a week free WITHOUT having to give my credit card information out. After seeing the community and how helpful everyone was and all the training and support I would receive for the premium membership I knew that there was nothing else better out there!

The first time I joined Wealthy Affiliate back in 2016 I probably lost a total of close to $200. Why? Because I DIDN’T stick with it. I DIDN’T do what they told me to do, it was MY FAULT that I lost money and time.

Sadly many people who go through what I went through will end up blaming the company their loss and call it scam, and that isn’t fair at all. Kyle and Carson are very clear in saying that this isn’t a get rich quick scheme. They make it clear that it takes 6-12 months to start seeing results of some kind.

**UPDATE** Kyle and Carson just won a 3 year court battle against MOBE (My Online Business Education) who was just shutdown for scamming people! Read their powerful story here!

How Much will I Earn with Wealthy Affiliate?

This is totally 100% up to you! With affiliate marketing you can make just few hundred extra bucks  month all the way up to $100,000+ a month! There are many factors that play into how much you can make. Can you stick with it? Are you willing to work 3 or 4 hours a day on it? Are you creative?

The more hours, the more posts you write, the more value you bring to others will play a huge roll in you success! If you just see making a blog or website as a hobby and only work on it for a few hours week, it’s gonna be a long time before you find success.

From what I’ve seen, the people who start to make money with Wealthy Affiliate are putting in around 20+ a week to start! You have to remember that with affiliate marketing that you aren’t going to make money overnight! It is a process and something you have to have a long term vision for!

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth the Money??

Simple Answer: Yes

Explanation: First off I will start off with all the expenses within Wealthy Affiliate. The Premium Membership is going to cost you $349 if you pay yearly! To start that comes out to less than $1 a day.

If you don’t have your own domain yet, you can purchase a domain within Wealthy Affiliate and it will cost you around $12 (unless you get a premium domain it will cost significantly more). Then you will have to add another $16 for hosting each year. The lower end cost is going to be around $377 for your first year! If you decide to do monthly payments you are looking at quite a bit more as the total cost will be around $597 (why I personally decided to get the yearly membership)

For that $377 you get everything that has been mentioned in this review so far. There are NO UPSELLS! Wealthy Affiliate has been this price ever since it first started up in 2005, they don’t raise the cost even for inflation.

To put this in perspective…the average student spends about $1200 on text books each year…most the time text books are hardly EVER USED! With that $377 you spend at Wealthy Affiliate you could make that back in the first year if you worked really hard!

I see people everyday here at Wealthy Affiliate who are making money because of this program! I’ll actually make a video showing you some of the people who have being able to go full time because of Wealthy Affiliate!

Kyle and Carson just recently came out with an update that allows everyone (even starter members) have secure websites (the little pad-lock in the URL). Before they came out with this, you would have to go find another company and pay up to $100/Year to have that feature! Now it is included in your Starter and Premium account!

I don’t know how best to explain it but you can read the update they sent out here on SSL!

If there is anything you want me to add to this post or improve upon let me know!



  1. Mitala

    Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely incredible. I have been a member for a little over two months now, and I have already gained tremendous benefits from being on their platform. I already have an awesome looking website that is already generating me some money , and I am so excited about the future. Everyone should try out Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Chris

      I am glad to hear that your experience has been so great! I’ve been with them for just over a month now and am absolutely loving it!! That is amazing you are already generating money after two months! That gives me hope that I might not have to wait a year haha!

  2. Rob

    Hey Chris 🙂 Your article is so good that I bookmarked it. I was so glad that I found Wealthy Affiliate and it’s been a long hard road so far. But it will be worth it. You made an excellent point about Jeff Bezos and Amazon. I didn’t know either of this facts. If he can do what he did, why can’t any of us? Wealthy Affiliate gives you all the tools necessary to be a success!
    Thanks Chris 🙂

    • Chris

      I am so glad to hear that you found value in it! That definitely boosts my confidence in my ability to do this! Wealthy Affiliate has everything needed to become successful!!

  3. Jan

    Hi Chris!

    Yes, to build a business always take time so it’s funny how many there are that think they can make money in a flash and without any cost.

    Many people are spending a lot of money on buying expensive coffee every day but few are willing to pay anything to start a business 🙂

    By the way…great review! I have one question:

    How long has Wealthy Affiliate been around?

    Regards, Jan

    • Chris

      I totally agree with you! It is nuts that people can spend $5.00 on a coffee or lots of money on some sort of habit but find it hard to invest a dollar a day to start into their business!! I think I might add a section about this to this post now haha! I will also have to add how long Wealthy Affiliate has been around as well! Thanks for your feedback!

  4. Kris

    Yes, it is very true! We have to realize that no affiliate company can make us rich, it takes time, effort, hard work, and right attitude to succeed! This is a very honest and straightforward article! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Mary

    Hi Chris,
    You are so right about this gym example. Too many people are not able to take the responsibility. Creating an affiliate business is a marathon, not a sprint. Sometimes it really hard to stick to it, to sacrifice a LOT of time before you see a penny. But your website is an asset, and it needs to exist for a while before Google really counts it. So better to start now. Who knows what use you would be able to make of it 5 years from now?
    Wealthy Affiliate is the right place to start the journey

    • Chris

      Yeah, there is a ton of sweat equity up front with starting a website, but in return the start up costs are super low so you have less financial risk! 5 years from now you can be making tons of profit, but sticking with it is definitely the hard part!

  6. Eric Chen

    Great article! Wealthy Affiliate is certainly not a scam. I’ve been with WA for almost a year now and the things that I’ve learned is priceless. For the cost of less than a cup of coffee per day, it’s one heck of a deal. Especially when it comes to investing in yourself. Also, they offer a free membership as a test drive with plenty of information even for starters, so what’s the risk ?


    • Chris

      I know! You literally pay less than you would pay for one textbook at college that you probably won’t even use that much! When you think about it that way, it definitely seems underpriced!

  7. hong

    Thank you for sharing. This was a great article. Online business is just like any business, it takes time and effort to see results. Obviously. The more you put into it, the sooner you will see success. It’s very interesting that people would pay to go to the gym and majority of them don’t even show up. I know I used to do that with my gym membership. When I first joined wealthy affiliate, I used to pay premium for months before I finally decided to get back to work. This is a really through and honest review of wealthy affiliate. I really appreciate the information.

  8. Jeff

    Chris, I enjoyed learning more about Wealthy Affiliate. I appreciate your objectivity and not trying to hype it up to something unrealistic. When starting up a business, it’s best to be informed and you have provided us with a good overview of WA.


    • Chris

      I’m glad! That’s what I want to go for! I know there are lots of business opportunities that get hyped up and people end up being let down and then resent it. I don’t want to do that to anyone!

  9. Ivan Brozincevic

    Great review! I was a little bit skeptic about is a Wealthy Affiliate just another scam before I paid my membership and took a closer look at the program. There are too many ripoffs outs there, so who can blame me!? Now, after some time with this course, I am more than happy to say that they are probably the best online affiliate marketing course! You are right, people will trash talk the service only to justify their own laziness… However, it is their money that goes to waste so… Thank you again for a great article! All the best.


    • Chris

      Hey Ivan!
      I also was a little skeptical at first when I first joined, but I can now say they have over delivered on their end with all the great training they have! Wealthy Affiliate definitely makes it a easy step by step process!

  10. Ngonidzashe Manzwangani

    In the past years, I have struggled to find how I could make money online, the whole thing changed after I found Wealthy Affiliate. The whole process of creating a website is simplified. If I would rate Wealthy Affiliate out of 10, I would give it 10/10. The training, the help, and support and the Premium membership is affordable.

  11. Miranda

    I love when you said “this is a business not a hobby”. I wrote that down on a sticky note to remind myself that! This was such a detailed review, awesome work. I definitely took in a lot of things.

  12. Matts Mom

    Great review on Wealthy Affiliate. I tend to agree with you 100%. I have been with them for about 2 years now, and it was the best decision I made. I know I would not be where I am today if it were not for WA. How long have you been with them and how is your success so far?

    • Chris

      That is awesome to see someone who has been with them for so long! I have been with them for about 3 months now! My success is coming along pretty good! I haven’t made any money yet, but my posts are now starting to get ranked and show up in search results! I know as the months go on it will only get better and better!


  13. Chris

    Thanks for this incredibly comprehensive review!! There is so much going on at Wealthy Affiliate and it really seems like a community that works together. I have been looking at options to earn online for ages now, but I think this could be the thing for me. I will definitely try out the starter membership and see if I like it. Is there a way to get membership any cheaper than $49 per month?

    • Chris

      I would definitely recommend using them! I am glad you found this review helpful! If you want to pay less than $49 a month you will have to buy the yearly membership which comes out to about $29 a month! That is what I personally did! If you need to, start saving up to get it! Let me know if you have any more questions!

      All the Best,


  14. JB

    What a great review! I’ve been trying to determine if WA was a scam or not. There is so much crap out there, but I’m going to give it a try. It seems to have what I am searching, the tutorials, webhosting (I’m so tired trying to set all the basic stuff up), and a community.

    • Chris

      Thanks JB!

      It is definitely worth the money! Just remember you have to stick with it to become successful! It definitely is a learning curve setting everything up the first time! The tutorials and community and web-hosting make it worth it!
      Good luck to you in your success online!


  15. TEE TENG

    Hi, Chris. No one will become a rich person overnight, because our achievements are proved by hard work. Wealthy Affiliate is a web platform for us to learn. As long as you insist on the knowledge of the network you know and turn it into your own online business website, you will be able to achieve great achievements in the WA platform. Thanks for sharing.

    • Chris

      You are totally right Tee! Hard work is one of the key ingredients to success! Nothing good ever came without hard work!

      All the Best,


  16. Dave

    Solid post. I was really unsure of Wealthy Affiliate when I first saw it but reviews like this definitely put my feelings at ease. It seems like they have a whole system lined up that can help people from any area of knowledge begin their own online business. Keep the good reviews coming!

    • Chris

      Hi Dave!

      Wealthy Affiliate really does have an exceptional system in place to become successful! As long as you have a long term vision and goal you will be able to find success! Good luck to you in your online journey!

      All the Best,


  17. Floyd Johnson

    I love this post it breaks down everything you need to know about wealthy affiliates, it gives all the details, anyone looking to signup and landed on this page will definitely find answers here, I love the way the images are used in this blog post, keep it up.

  18. joshua collins

    Thanks for writing this review its provided me with some information I never knew about Affiliate Marketing. I am currently in the search for a opportunity to make money but many programs I have tried have been scams. Good to see that Wealthy Affiliate seems to offer a genuine way to create an online business as that’s something I’m quite interested in after reading this article.

    Just a quick question for a newbie like me how long would it take to make money and how much exactly can you make?



    • Chris

      Hey Joshua!

      I am glad you found this review helpful and insightful! With affiliate marketing you can start to make money within 6 months if you hustle hard. To be safe I would tell yourself you aren’t going to make a dime the first year (that’s the expectation I have set for myself.

      However, once you get the ball rolling you can start to make TONS of money. Michelle Schroder, the creator of the blog “Making Sense of Cents” now earns over $100,000/month after 7 years of working on her blog and growing it!

      Let me know if you have any more questions!

      All the Best,


  19. Connecting 2 Wheelz

    Hey there chris,

    I have been here a few months and love it. I agree with you about hard work , if you are not willing to put in the time, it will never work. there is just so much that you have to be prepared to engross yourself into. the website, the learning , social media. there is just so much, that it can be over wealming some times. but those are the times to keep pushing through. you are very in depth about what goes on at wealthy affiliate., for anyone who is looking to try it out..

    great post, keep up the good work

    • Chris


      Success takes tons and tons of hard work. There are no easy ways to getting true freedom with your life!

      All the Best,


  20. Darren

    wealthy affiliate is in a league of its own. I had tried many different home business opportunities and none of them come to anything. 

    Wealthy Affiliate helped me to learn how to build websites just the way it is shown in this review with step by step training.

    The unique way it is taught how to build a website from scratch along with hundreds of other training tutorials available.

    I particularly like the strong community support where I have made many strong contacts around the world.

    • Chris

      Hey Darren!

      Yes all of those are great things! The training is so in-depth. If there isn’t something in the training then there is always someone there to answer a question for ya!

      All the Best,


  21. Holly Knudson

    Great review of  Wealthy Affiliate, the best online platform for affiliate marketers. I’m so glad I joined a year ago, and it didn’t take much thought for me to go Premium the same week I signed up. It’s simply a no-brainer. For just $25.00 a month – take advantage of the Black Friday sale coming up in November – I have all five of my websites hosted in one convenient location. The costing of hosting alone makes a Premium membership worth it. 

    I agree with you that affiliate marketing takes time, patience, and effort. You really have to work it and be consistent, treating it like a business rather than a hobby if you want to succeed.  The certification and boot camp trainings couldn’t be more awesome, and the community support is the best! Thanks for explaining the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Chris

      Hi Holly!

      I’m glad you found this review helpful!! I am also glad that you have had a great experience yourself! The price really is a no-brainer (if you want to make money online!)

      That is super cool you have 5 websites! I’ll check out your profile in Wealthy Affiliate!

      All the Best,


  22. Jamie

    Great article on the insights of Wealthy Affiliate. I have been on the programme for just over three months so far and I have learned so much, including making a little money – not much, but it’s a start. You get so much from the training and coaching from your peers and I feel like i’m constantly learning. There is a lot of work ahead, but I believe WA will get me there sooner. 

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Chris

      Hey Jamie!

      I am glad you have learned a lot from them! I know I have! I also have just been around for over 3 months! Keep on going strong man!

      All the Best,


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