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Life of a Blog- Follow my Blogging Journey Here!

Life of A Blog

Hey everyone! I’ve decided that I want to document my journey to online success, so people can see that a normal person can accomplish their goals with the right mindset, attitude and work ethic! I will be calling this series “Life of a Blog!”

I originally first tried blogging back in 2016, which was when I first learned about Wealthy Affiliate! Man oh man do I wish I had stayed with it. However, when I first started I was pretty new to the whole developing myself into a better person, creating a passive income, and gaining the skills I needed to be successful.

I have finally learned though that I needed to choose what I want to do and just stick with it. Every month I am going to be adding my progress, successes and failures! If you have any questions at all feel free to leave them in the comments section!

My First Attempt

When I first signed up with Wealthy Affiliate I was so excited that I blew through the first few training modules pretty quickly. Soon after doing some research I decided that I wanted go into the niche of jewelry. The reason I had chosen this niche was because I had taken a metal class in high school and made some rings!

I thought it was something I could really enjoy writing about and selling. Boy was I wrong, after my first month I realized that I did not enjoy it at all. Not only that, when I first had used the google tool to find keywords the competition came back low, but after writing an article and checking the keyword again, the competition was crazy high!

I also then struggled to think of keywords to use and eventually kinda gave up on it. I had been working pretty hard on the blog for a month and hadn’t made any money yet, I decided it wasn’t worth the investment! So I canceled my premium membership with Wealthy Affiliate and decided to keep learning and try something else instead.

What I Did Wrong

Looking back, there were quite a few things that I didn’t realize or know. First of all, is thinking long term. At the time I was broke, living with my parents. I told myself I didn’t have the funds necessary to keep going with it, or that it was just a waste of money because I couldn’t make money with it.

Now fast-forward over two years later, and I’ve learned that true success comes with time. It is impossible to get rich overnight. It just isn’t going to happen. The only way to truly build wealth is choose what you want to do and stick with it until you become successful, even if it takes 5+ years to accomplish.

I don’t know if you know about the story of Amazon, but put simply, Jeff Bezos didn’t make a profit/ barely made a profit in his first seven years! Then fast-forward 18 or so years after that and he is now the richest man in the world!

What if after 1 year he quit because he wasn’t making a profit? We wouldn’t have the convenience of Amazon. I know if you start this journey of blogging you will probably want to quit within the first 6 months. DON’T DO IT!!! It will always be worth investing and building a business online, even if it takes years. Don’t make my mistake!

Another thing I didn’t realize, is that I couldn’t make an online empire for free. Many people look for ways to make money for free or easy. It just isn’t possible. However, starting an online business is the least expensive route compared to others out there, but it does require a lot more sweat equity up front.

Think about it, if you went and started up a business with a storefront you would need to get a loan from the bank and go into debt for $150,000.00 on the low end. Whereas if you start an online business it is only a cost of $2000.00 over five years!

Within five years you can easily make that back, just don’t expect to do it overnight.

Also, something I didn’t realize was that I needed to pick a niche where I could bring value to peoples lives and something that I was passionate about! So I took a good long while to think about what I wanted to share with the world and ended up creating MindzUnleashed! I first came up with this idea about a year and a half ago or so.

Since then, I’ve been learning and scheming about how I wanted to bring it to fruition.

My Experience with Wealthy Affiliate

My experience with Wealthy Affiliate the first time was amazing! Everyone was really helpful as were the owners Kyle and Carson. Wealthy Affiliate has changed quite a bit though since I was last on it! There are way more features now than what there used to be, so you definitely are getting your bang for your buck!

There were video tutorials that guided me step by step to build my website and it made it so easy to go through, and as the years go on, Wealthy Affiliate will keep coming out with new features and improving!

To read my full Wealthy Affiliate review click here!

If you have any questions specific to my first attempt at creating a blog please leave a comment below! I also would love to hear about what you are doing online to make money and hustle hard!

Month One

Hello all! Obviously you are here to see what I have accomplished in my first month of blogging! Well about 3 days ago I started writing this post and just came back to find that almost all of it had been deleted except that first sentence haha! You know what? Sometimes things like these happen in business and you just gotta grin and laugh at it!

I know a few people who would be working on a project then something would impede or erase the progress they had made and they would just give up! If this happens to you, don’t give up!

This first month has been quite the adventure! I have never been so excited before to start up a business! I also had never felt so…what’s the word I’m looking for? Lazy? There were so many days I just didn’t want to continue! Thankfully I have a loving wife who would gently remind me that I needed to!

In fact that’s why I started writing this post again! I was so tempted to take a nap, but Makenna pulled me out of bed and told me that we had the whole day ahead of us, so I knew I needed to work on my blog!Life of a Blog

To get started, I signed up with Wealthy Affiliate and already knew what I wanted my website/niche to be about! Since I already had done the first training modules a couple years ago it was pretty easy to get through the first few training lessons!

The only thing that was a GoDaddy of a struggle was how to change the hosting from GoDaddy to Wealthy Affiliate. When I first signed up with Wealthy Affiliate I had to have my website hosted through a different company, since I have returned, Wealthy Affiliate has made that part of their program!

The only thing I struggled with was finding how to instantly transfer it over. I didn’t realize though that in the email I got from GoDaddy that there was a button in there to click that would instantly transfer it over!

In my first month I was able to around thirteen pages and posts up, basically the skeleton of what I wanted it to be about! I spent so many hours thinking about what kind of content I wanted to have on my website! At first, I was thinking about focusing on every single area of life such as work, marriage, parenting, fun, fitness, education, freedom etc. I decided to start out that would be a bit to broad!

I decided that I would focus first on personal development, finances and creating online success through blogging by sharing my story! Eventually, I will add a “HealthUnleashed,” “Mentors,” and “MindzUnleashed University” section, or something similar to those!

Another really big thing I was able to accomplish this month was get a logo made for my website! All I can say is that it was definitely worth it! I got an app called Fiverr and basically there are a bunch of companies that create logos for different business’. You can choose whichever one suits you best and get the whatever package you choose!

The nice thing is that most of the companies do free unlimited revisions until you have your perfect logo! For my logo, I had it revised just a few times and then I was good to go! I paid around $65.00 to have it created,  it was totally worth it!

Doing the Harder Things

At the end of the month I also decided to make a huge leap of faith and truly invest in my business! Instead of paying a month to month membership fee of $50.00 with Wealthy Affiliate, I got myself the yearly membership which comes out to about a dollar a day for the whole year!

If you think about it that way, it is a lot easier to get. Whereas if you go month to month you would actually spend $569.00 because the first month is only $19.00! If you end up building a website through Wealthy Affiliate and really enjoy it, I recommend paying for the yearly membership 100%.

I have not been disappointed at all with the training or community! In the training they go over everything with videos and explanations with pictures! If something doesn’t make sense, you can ask the community for help and you usually get it pretty quickly!

Another big decision I made this month was to change my work schedule! I used to work 8-5 probably similar to what most people do. I realized that I didn’t have the drive to work on this in the morning, and when I got home from work I was usually exhausted and didn’t have the energy to really work on this website.

Whenever I did have the energy I wasn’t able to work on it very long because then I would need to spend time with my wife before going to bed and repeating. In order to make more time for this endeavor I asked my boss if I could switch my schedule from 6-3 and he didn’t have a problem with it!

Now I get home from work around 3:20 in the afternoon and am able to work on my blog for a good three hours! Doing that has made the world of difference in being able to work on it!

I also started working on my blog most days during my lunch hour! During my lunch hour I will usually go on to Wealthy Affiliate and answer as many questions as I can and comment on people’s goals and websites! If you have a will, you will find a way to accomplish your dreams!

Some Inspiration

One last thing my wife and I did together to motivate me to work on this, is set a goal to start traveling and blogging within two years of starting this website! I was looking up some of the most successful blogs today and came across the blog “Making Sense of Cents!”

A woman named Michelle is the founder of “Making Sense of Cents,” and in just years has grown her blog to create over $100,000 a month in passive income!

The crazy thing is, when she started out her blog, she had no idea that she could make money with it! Now she travels the world full time and blogs from an RV or boat! Michelle inspired me to accomplish the same thing! Even if it takes years it will be worth it!

Gaining Rank in Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate has a really cool program where you can get ranked within Wealthy Affiliate. Then once you hit a certain rank you get certain bonuses and you have the opportunity to make money! The way to increase your rank within the community is based on three different things.

1. How active you are within the community

2. How many other people you help by answering questions

3. By creating content within Wealthy Affiliate.

I found out that Wealthy Affiliate uses complex algorithms to determine how well you are doing in these three categories! For each category you have a specific rank and then your main rank is the average of these three! The goal is to get into the top 25 to become an ambassador!

As of writing this post, I am rank number 14539! When I started a month ago I was around 230,000! It goes to show that many people who start a website never actually stick with it like they should! For this reason you should have no fear of starting an online business because of competition!

I know tens of thousands of websites are created every day, but almost none of those people ever stick with it! If you can be one of the few to stay with it, you will become successful! I hope to prove that anyone can do it from home. I want to be that example!

To read my full Wealthy Affiliate review click here!

So that pretty much sums up my first month in a nutshell with blogging! If you have any questions at all about my first month feel free to ask in the comments below and I will do my best to get back to you as quickly as possible!

Best Regards,


Month Two

Hey everyone! Welcome to my “Life of a Blog” series. To start off I have decided to write about my month of blogging on the first of each month that way it is easy for me to remember when I need to write! From this moment on you can expect something at the beginning of each month!

This month has been crazy busy! I think I have been able to average about 4 hours a day still working on my blog. I am still using my lunch times to work on it and working on it for a few hours after I get home!

This month I have focused a lot on creating content regularly at around three posts a week, and slowly going through the training at Wealthy Affiliate! I also focused a lot of my time on making my website look great!

Within Wealthy Affiliate you can get feedback from others who are also creating websites and have them give you suggestions on what to improve! Here was some feedback I got! (For some reason he called me Michael, I have no idea why haha!)

Within these last few weeks I have done that at least once if not twice a day!! My biggest change, was changing the theme of my website. My old theme was called “Best Simple Theme.” It was really good for starting out, but I soon realized that I wasn’t able to customize my site to how I wanted it.

Some feedback that I had gotten was that my homepage was to dark and needed to be white. With the old theme I was using I wasn’t able to create anything like that.

I started looking for themes that a lighter color scheme. I probably tested out another 10 themes or so and stumbled across the one I am using now, and it is called  “Customify.” I really loved this theme because I literally customize almost every aspect of my website in the lite version.

In the Pro version they had a whole lot more customization options! I got the Pro version to test, as I could get my money back within 15 days if I couldn’t make the theme look how I wanted it to for my website.

At first trying to figure out to customize everything was really frustrating because there was just so much! After a few hours of messing around I was able to figure out how most of it worked!

The cost of the theme wasn’t to bad either, it is priced at $60 for the first year and around $50 a year after that! I know a lot of people try to spend as little as possible when starting up an online business. I know personally though that it is worth to invest as much as you possibly can to make it as nice as possible!

Of course you will only want to buy a pro theme when you know for sure your website is something you are going to stick with long term, otherwise you are just flushing money down the toilet!

Mt vision for this website has also expanded quite a bit this last month as I have thought about new things I would like to do with it! When I first created MindzUnleashed I had the goal to be eventually making $10,000 a month with it. I realized I was shooting was to low though!

My new goal for this website is twenty years from now to be a billion dollar company! Now I am not 100% sure how I am going to get there, but I know I want to.

My reason for wanting to get that big is because of the challenge it is! I don’t want to do it for the money, because I have no idea what I would do with that money. I just really love challenges, and that is one of the biggest challenges in the world, to create a billion dollar company!

Right now there are over 36,000,000 millionaires in the world! Lots of people have accomplished that, but there are only 1542 billionaires in the world!! Being able to join those ranks, in my eyes would be a phenomenal accomplishment. I hope you can see where I am coming from with that!

Here are all the milestones to reach that billion dollars a year goal!

  1. $100/Month
  2. $1000/Month
  3. $10,000/Month
  4. $100,000/Month
  5. $1,000,000/Month
  6. $10,000,000/Month
  7. $83,300,000/Month

It is going to be a crazy hard  journey, but it is going to be so much fun and worth it!!

Another decision I made recently was to focus on one category at a time for my website! I was planning on writing about 3 articles a week for different categories, but I have decided to just focus on the creating a blog and write three articles or so a week on that!

The only other category I will be working on at the same time is the “Books” category, but I will only be adding one book every two weeks for now. I hope to get to the point where I have the financial freedom and time to be adding one book a day!!

Life of a Blog

Something I have been able to increase quite a bit was my rank within the Wealthy Affiliate community! The last time I wrote about it I was rank 14539. As of today I am rank 2190! I am hoping that within the next month I will be able to get into the top 500!

Gaining rank is a little slower now as people in this rank are more active. There was one day where I didn’t do anything to increase my rank and I ended up going back a few ranks!

My ultimate goal is within 4 more months to be in the top 20 and have Ambassadorship!! We will see what this next moth brings! I am super excited to keep pushing forward!

Check out my Wealthy Affiliate review if you have been interested in starting up a website of some type!

Best Regards,


Month Three

Hey everyone! I CANNOT believe another month has passed already, it feels like I just wrote about my second month of blogging not to long ago! I feel like I haven’t accomplished that much, with at the same time feeling like I have!

Making Posts more SEO Friendly

I made some changes to the way my website looks, specifically the header and footer to look more professional! I also started going through and editing a lot of my posts and re-doing them to make them more SEO friendly.

I watched a video on the 10 things to do to give them higher SEO ratings. I also then added a couple others things as well. There are 13 things I need to do to make all my posts more SEO friendly and they are

  • Making sure the Keyword is in Meta Title
  • Making sure the Keyword is in the Meta Description
  • Making sure the Keyword is in the Headline and the Headline is Font H1 or H2
  • Having an Internal Link in the Post
  • Have One Image with an Alt Tag
  • Making sure there is an External Link (Only Every Once in Awhile)
  • Make sure the Keyword is in the URL
  • Put an Embedded Video in all Posts I can
  • Get at Least Two New Comments on Each Post
  • Make sure the Post can be Shared to Social Media
  • Share the Post on Google Plus
  • Submit the Post to Google Webmaster Tools for Crawling
  • Share the Post on Social Media

As you can see it is quite a few things that need to get done! Here is my tracker to track this progress! As you can see it is set-up in Google Sheets. I have all the cells formatted. My goal is by the end of this next month to have everything updated and green!

Creating this Google Sheets was something I did this month. I also have a page that shows what categories I have and the keywords I’ve written about in that category. I also have a login and passwords sheet for all the affiliate programs, and other accounts I have to make for building an online business. I also have a tab for all my expenses and money that I have made!

If you are currently building a website but don’t have it organized I would highly recommend making a spreadsheet to keep everything nice and neat!

Optimized Images and Copyrights

Another thing I did this month that was big, was optimizing all my images on my website! This basically made all the image files smaller so they weren’t taking up as much space! My website had become quite slow, and found out that was the reason why!

I also found out that I was breaking some copy right laws with pictures I was using from Google Search and WordPress.

With WordPress I found out that you cannot use screen shots that have their logo on it. I went through and found all (at least I hope) pictures from that were showing the logo and cropped them accordingly!

Then with Google I found out that you have to have a certain phrase under each picture you have that is a screen shot of the Google Search. It basically needs to say “Google and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google LLC, used with permission.” You then need to paste it under the picture you are using. Here is what that looks like! You also cannot alter the logo or anything like that within the pciture! 

Hopefully this is some useful information for those out there who are thinking of using screen shots from Google and WordPress!

Starting to see Results!!

This month I have finally started to see some of my posts getting ranked in Google and having my website show up in the search results of Google! My first two months I could not find my posts ANYWHERE in Google! I think it was just over a week ago I looked at my Google Search Console and it showed that some activity had started happening!

As you can see in the picture below, my website has shown up in 171 search results! Out of those 171 four people clicked on my link! I know it may not seem like much to those of you who don’t blog, but trust me, it is very exciting to see results from the countless hours put in to creating MindzUnleashed!

I cannot wait to see where my results will be at in one more month from now!

Here is a picture showing my posts are finally showing up in Google Search results!! Hopefully as the months go by it will start to make its way up to page 1 of the search results!

Google and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google LLC, used with permission

Wealthy Affiliate Review Changes

This was another big thing I started doing this month! I decided that I wanted to create the biggest most comprehensive review of Wealthy Affiliate out there! This month I added about 5000+ words to it! I wasn’t able to quite write everything I wanted to, so decided to add to it weekly and keep getting new comments on it! My goal is to eventually get it up to 15000+ words, as of right now it is at just over 7500!

Read the Updated Review Here

New Posts Added to MindzUnleashed this Month

*Update 10/17/18- I merged all the WordPress tutorials into one guide! For the book review I am taking it off my website along with all other book reviews and will use them in a sub-domain in the future! I have decided to target a way more specific audience for my site. In order to optimize my site I needed to remove them πŸ™

  • How to Sell Diamonds Online- The Basics
  • How to Sell Furniture Online- The Basics
  • The Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review
  • How to Create a Blog for Free
  • How to Delete a Page in WordPress
  • A WordPress Review
  • How to Create a Post in WordPress
  • How to  Delete a Post in WordPress
  • How to Add a Plugin in WordPress
  • How to Add a Page in WordPress
  • How to Optimize Images in WordPress
  • How to Add a Picture in WordPress
  • How to Create a Menu in WordPress
  • How to Schedule a Post in WordPress
  • How to Create Categories in WordPress
  • Extreme Ownership Summary-How U.S. Navy Seals Lead and Win
  • How to Remove Categories in WordPress
  • How to Sell Books Online- The Basics

In hindsight, I actually wrote quite a bit this month haha! Given most of the WordPress tutorials are pretty short and didn’t take to long to write!

Ranking inside Wealthy Affiliate

I know the last couple months I said I was going to try and gain rank inside Wealthy Affiliate to gain Ambassadorship. However, this month I’ve decided to not worry about my Wealthy Affiliate rank and instead put that time into writing posts and focusing on my website! Once I am financially free and can work on my blog full time I will probably start trying to become an ambassador then!

So that is a basic re-cap for this last month on my blog! I think there were a few other things I just can’t remember. For this upcoming month I am going to update the month 4 section as the month progress’ instead of at the end. That way the things I write about are more fresh in my mind!

If you have any questions about things I have written in this post so far please feel free to leave me a comment!

 Month 4

Hey everyone!! Another month has come and past in my blogging journey, and let me tell you…it was an emotional roller coaster with this website!! I decided to make some pretty big changes and I won’t lie, I was really sad!

When I first started up MindzUnleashed I was wanted to really focus on personal development/self help/financial fitness/health (eventually). Something I realized was that I was going wayyyyy to broad to start. I didn’t have an audience picked out that I was talking to.

At the beginning of this month (in the first two weeks) I thought I had figured out how I could do it, but just felt like my niche was still to broad. So after some thought I finally and totally decided to scrap everything about financial fitness and personal development!

These will be topics I eventually add to MindzUnleashed, just its going to be awhile (at least a year) before I add anything new! I listened to a lot of the top affiliate marketers and they say it is best to start out with selling only ONE product (unless you are doing Amazon) and focus a specific audience for that product!

I have decided to go with promoting the Wealthy Affiliate Platform, but taking a different twist to it! Everyday I see new members of Wealthy Affiliate struggle to pick a niche!

For right now, at MindzUnleashed I will be writing articles to help others find what they want to blog about, because of this change I ended up moving all my other posts I had written to a sub-domain for now! Now this was probably one of the hardest things that happened this month just because I know that all those posts and pages I moved over I probably spent a total of one month working on them!

One month of working 3 1/2-4 hour days EVERYDAY!! It was a little like a stab to the heart when I made that change. Lesson learned? When first starting up a website DO NOT go to broad with your niche!!

If you can, really narrow it down to a specific audience. There was a training in Wealthy Affiliate from Kyle and he said that the best way to pick an audience was to do this fill in the blank exercise “I want to help people who_____________”

I decided I wanted my sentence to say “I want to help people who can’t think of website ideas”!

Something I just realized in the last couple of days and want to clarify is that MindzUnleashed is actually only 3 1/2 months old! I totally forgot that I had started with a free website then got this domain transferred over! MindzUnleashed will actually be 4 months old on November 11th! Now I’ll show you some statistics from this month!

  • Website Age: 3.5 Months
  • Published Word Count- 63,081
  • Published Posts/Pages- 30
  • Posts Written this Month- 14
  • Number of Comments- 182

Articles Written:

  • How to Sell Pet Toys Online- The Basics
  • How to Sell Video Games Online- The Basics
  • How to Sell Nutritional Supplements Online- The Basics
  • Why Should I Create a Blog? Let Me Give you a Few Reasons
  • How to Sell Phones Online- The Basics
  • How to Sell Xbox One Games Online- The Basics
  • Free WordPress Tutorial For Beginners
  • How to Blog About Alaska- A Dazzling State
  • How to Blog About Arizona- The Land of Citrus Fruit
  • How to Blog About Finances- Start Changing Lives Today
  • How to Blog About Travel- Find Success in a Competitive Industry
  • How to Blog About Fitness- Succeed in this Industry
  • How to Blog About Disney- Have the Happiest Blog Online
  • How to Blog About Movies- Horror? Romance? Comedy? HELP!
  • How to Blog About Florida- The Sunshine State

When I look at these numbers now they aren’t to bad…the only thing I am disappointed in is the number of published posts/pages. I was hoping to have around 56 at this point as that would be equal to around averaging 4 posts per week!

I won’t dwell on it though and will keep pressing forward! I also made some other big changes to my site. I took all of my WordPress Guide articles and combined them into one post! I also updated my Wealthy Affiliate Review to target a new keyword and made it a whole lot more user friendly!

Instead of having to scroll through a book people can simply click on a anchor text link that will take them to the part they want to read! Now time for a few exciting things that happened this month!!!

Search Engine Results

First I want to start off Google (this isn’t actually to exciting, a little sad lol). At the beginning of the month I was doing GREAT with Google and TERRIBLE with Bing/Yahoo. In Google a lot of my posts were ranking in the search results with some even on the 4th and 5th page!

Unfortunately when I made that huge change to my website ALL of my posts virtually disappeared from the search results!! Before I could type in the name of one of my articles and find it, now I can’t…and it’s been like that for a couple weeks.

Right now I am going to give Google the benefit of the doubt and say I didn’t make them to happy when I completed deleted and removed a whole bunch of URL’s. I hoping that in the next month or two my posts will start popping up in the search results!

Even though my articles aren’t ranking for the main keyword I want them to rank for they are ranking for other keywords in different countries!! If you read month three you would have saw the picture that shows I had around 171 impressions after the first 2.5 months! Well after this month that number is now up to 748!! In one month I got another 577 impressions! Here’s the picture!

As you can see there IS an improvement! That’s all I can ask for right now! Hopefully it will pick up even more this next coming month!!!

Now it’s time for Bing! For some reason it did take Bing quite a while to start trusting my site! I am happy to report though that I am now in the first position for some keywords and on the first or second page of the search results for a lot of them!!!!

I literally found this out two days ago and it made up for all the negative feelings I had this month! Here are some screenshots! I just hope Google catches up soon! I know that I will need to wait until the 6 month mark though, because that is when Google really starts trusting your website!!

Seeing these results has been so great, especially since I have put in about a total of 420 hours into this thing….kinda crazy to think about haha. I know it will be worth it soon!!

Lesson Learned of Staying Organized with Search Engine Optimization!!

I know last month I shared my tracker I use for my blogs posts SEO purposes to make sure I am optimizing all of them the best I can! I totally forgot to add one thing to the list!

I forgot to add in making sure the keyword was somewhere in the first paragraph! Yesterday I went through and found most of my posts DID NOT have the keyword somewhere in the first paragraph. Biggest. Newbie. Mistake. Ever.

At least is fixed now…I also added submitting the page to Bing Webmaster Tools and REMOVED Google plus as Google is shutting it down. Don’t see much reason to be posting on there if it will no longer exist!

Hopefully Wealthy Affiliate will put some new training up to take its place! Here is a new list of all things I try to do with my new posts to optimize them for SEO!

  • Making sure the Keyword is in Meta Title
  • Making sure the Keyword is in the First Paragraph
  • Making sure the Keyword is in the Meta Description
  • Making sure the Keyword is in the Headline and the Headline is Font H1 or H2
  • Having an Internal Link in the Post
  • Have One Image with an Alt Tag
  • Making sure there is an External Link (Only Every Once in Awhile)
  • Make sure the Keyword is in the URL
  • Put an Embedded Video in all Posts I can
  • Get at Least Two New Comments on Each Post
  • Make sure the Post can be Shared to Social Media (this automatically happens with
  • Submit the Post to Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Submit the Post to Google Webmaster Tools for Crawling
  • Share the Post on Social Media

Change of Schedule

This month I also changed my schedule so I could fit more time into building this site. I can now say that I have gotten in the habit of waking up around 4 AM Monday through Friday!

At first it was crazy hard to do, I would wake up and as I was walking to the bathroom, I felt like I was going to fall asleep in the middle of that walk! Now my body has adjusted to it pretty good!!

Sometimes if I don’t get to bed till later like 10:30 or 11:00 I will wake up around 4:30 instead! Making this lifestyle change has ultimately led me to be able to work on my Website a lot while getting everything else done that I need to do!

If you are wanting to reach high levels of success then I highly recommend trying to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier!

Other New Things 

Some other new things I started implementing is creating videos and adding them to my posts! When I first started doing it I was super self conscious and felt awkward doing it, after making a few videos I feel completely fine doing it!

It definitely takes you out of your comfort zone, but it is worth it and a great skill to learn! I hope to improve my videos as the months go by!

Another “new” thing but not really new is I am going to start trying to get my Wealthy Affiliate Community Rank up. I was about rank 1200 at one point but then since I stopped participating in the community I jumped all the way back up to over 5000.

The reason I’ve decided to do this is because one of the Ambassadors or someone said it is a good idea to have a higher rank when you are referring people to Wealthy Affiliate, that way when they join I have more credibility. To be honest though, some of those people who are “high” ranking don’t actually have a successful website, they just participate in the community a TON!

That is one thing about Wealthy Affiliate that could be fixed! Hopefully one day they do fix that part. Another thing I did this month was buy the domains and! I’ve read a few horror stories of other people trying to copy or steal someones name.

Since these would be the main two that others would want I decided to purchase them and I plan on just letting them sit. Maybe one day I’ll have a use for them lol.

In closing, I just want to say that this month was a roller coaster emotionally. There were so MANY days I didn’t feel like working on my blog or felt like giving up. If you decide to start a blog, DO NOT give in to those feelings.

Looking back on this past month, if I would have given up I would have regretted it so much!


My goals for this months are to publish 4 posts per week on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday! Then on the other days I will focus on making my posts more SEO friendly, adding videos and making the site an overall better experience.

I also want to add a contact page by the end of this month. Apparently there is a correct way to do it to make conversions higher! I guess we will see though.

Month 5 & 6

I just have to say, these last two months have been crazy tough…a few unexpected things happened which set me back quite a bit in my blogging journey. I am now back though and ready to have a great foundation for MindzUnleashed by the end of the year!

I’ll start with the first crazy thing that happened in month 5. Shortly (about a week after updating the “Month 4” of this post) a lot of my Google Rankings started to disappear, on top of that my Google impressions started to drop as well.

I wasn’t quite sure what was happening but started to panic and started doing some digging.

After a couple days I found out that Google was reading a lot of my posts as duplicate content therefore it wasn’t showing up in the search results. I was devastated.

I contacted a higher ranking member of Wealthy Affiliate and asked them my opinion on my content and he agreed that the content was to similar and not original enough.

That meant all the work from the last 20 posts I had written just went down the drain.

I felt so much disappointment, failure and I just felt like giving up. I spent a couple days trying to come up with a way to re-write each post in a way that Google would like, but I could not.

So I had to come up with a new plan for MindzUnleashed and what I wanted it to be like.

I decided that I wanted to focus on books reviews since I love reading, and I wanted to focus on reviews on programs out there that are geared toward helping others live a better life (such as Wealthy Affiliate).

I didn’t want Google to get confused on what I was writing about though, so I created my first sub-domain! For now, will be about reading and book reviews with a couple product reviews related to reading.

Then I will have my sub-domain have all the product reviews and things that I have tried out to improve my life.

Once I created the sub-domain and moved a whole bunch of posts over to it, I then made all those posts that I transferred over to the sub “no crawl/noindex” posts and let it sit for a month so all the rankings could get fixed.

That is basically what happened for month 5.

Now month 6 was another beast altogether. For the first little part of month 6 I still felt no desire to come back and start working on MindzUnleashed. I felt burnt out from all the previous work I had done on it with it not going anywhere.

Then in the middle of the month, I got a call from my sister in the middle of the night with some tragic news.

My fathers business partner/best friend had passed away unexpectedly. So my wife and I (who I am very grateful for her support) decided to leave the day after we got that phone call and make the drive up to Utah.

Unfortunately that day fell on Thanksgiving. Luckily my wife’s family has thanksgiving dinner at noon so we didn’t miss out on any good food. Then after spending about an hour and a half there we started our 11 hour drive up to Utah.

The drive was going pretty well until it got dark. Now I’m not sure what time it was, but as I was driving a deer suddenly jumped out in front of me at the last minute and we nailed it HARD!

I was probably going about 70/MPH when I hit it and that thing flew 20 feet in front of us! I then had to slam on the brakes and veer to the right to avoid hitting it again.

We came very close to going into the ditch which would’ve been bad because there was an decline that went down about 10 feet into some rocks! Our car was just barely over the edge of it!

Needless to say my adrenaline was rushing after that, and don’t worry the deer didn’t die…it got up and walked away. It was kind of mind blowing.

After that we ended up in Utah for a week then we came back down to Arizona for a day then back up to Utah for another week.

By the time that was over it was time for the Christmas holidays and some serious goals needed to be hit at work.

I am glad to be back writing now though! I hope I can inspire others to keep pushing through, no matter what happens. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will a business be. Especially an online business.

However, even though all this craziness happened, one good thing did come out of it! My father, who I look up to a lot is going to join me as a business partner in building MindzUnleashed!

He too loves reading personal development books and trying out different programs! I think it is going to be a ton of fun!

You can read about his story here!

Hopefully in time my mother will also join in in making MindzUnleashed a successful business! If does decide to come on board it will be in a few months time!

One last quick note is that since Thanksgiving, I have not taken very good care of my health. This is one of my new years resolutions is to do better with it. So far I have already lost 10 lbs and it has been one week!

You can read about what I am doing to lose weight here and follow my journey!

All the best to you and your New Years resolutions!


Founder of MindzUnleashed


  1. Jennifer

    I love the dedication to your blog. I found your 3 month journey awesome and also found inspiration. I felt the same way you did in 2016 with not being in my own place again and not really having any money to spare for a “pipe dream.” Like you said though, the main thing is continually working on your website and putting in the sweat equity as you described as well. I realized probably around the 6 to 8 month mark how MUCH time it really takes to dedicate to my website (especially in my particular niche-food). But that holds true with anything worth doing or pursuing. I’m definitely bookmarking your page and have already copied down your notes for getting a higher SEO ranking. The tracker you did too was awesome! Thanks so much for the encouragement and I wish you only success with your online endeavors!
    p.s. I’ll be back to track your progress! πŸ™‚

    • Chris

      Hi Jennifer!

      You have been working on your blog since 2016?! I can’t imagine how awesome the sense of accomplishment must feel! How much time would you say you put into your website?? I know for me I am putting in around 3 hours a day average Monday through Friday and then about 5 or 6 hours on Saturday! It takes up a TON of time! Luckily for me it is something I am passionate about! I’m glad you will be back, it will hold me more accountable to keep working at it haha!!

      Great luck to you with your online endeavors as well!!

      Best Regards,


  2. Blanka

    Hi Chris,
    Thanks for the great post and an inspiration I’ve found in it. I found a great value in your 13 things to make posts more SEO friendly because I’ve forgotten a few things since I started blogging. I joined Wealthy Affiliate 10 months ago and I can tell it’s the best affiliate marketing platform in the world. I wish you lot of success and accomplishment of all your goals – with all this dedication it cannot be another way! 😊

    • Chris

      Hi Blanca!

      I am glad you have found some value in this post! I sure hope I am able to find financial success in the future! How have your 10 months been with Wealthy Affiliate?!

      All the Best,


  3. Rachael

    Hey Chris,

    This is a wonderful account of your blogging progress!

    Your ambitious goal of eventually building a billion dollar company is admirable and inspiring. When I first started back in 2015 my goal was to make around $1000/mo which is exactly what I did. It took a couple years at least. Then I left Wealthy Affiliate for a while and coasted, working on it here and there just to keep traffic steady. I ended up selling it off this year and used the profit to invest in some real estate. So not a bad turnaround by any means. πŸ™‚ Just goes to show that we can absolutely achieve our goals with the knowledge over at wealthy affiliate, and that we should aim high!!

    PS I’m following your lead on the Google sheets – I’m so disorganized and that looks like the perfect solution.

    Thanks for a great read!


    • Chris

      Hey Rachael!

      I am glad you found some value in this! That is great to hear that you were able to have success and make profit on a website! That gives me great hope! Yeah that Google Sheets is a lifesaver! Good luck in the rest of your endeavors!

      All the Best,


  4. Paul

    Chris, this is an awesome post and one that I have now bookemarked to go back and read and learn.  I myself and 2 months into my WA journey and your infomration mirrors mine fairly closely.  I love that you have highltighted that this is not an overnight success and that you need to plan and work and plan and work.

    I am also judging myself right now for not having a planning spreadsheet :-).  I love a good spreadsheet and spend a lot of time checking things that I have checked before due to not remembering what I have checked.  I look forward to watching your post as you grow. Do you only have the one website at the moment?  Do you plan more?


    • Chris

      Hey Paul!

      I am glad you really liked it!!! Yeah I highly recommend making a spreadsheet as it makes it soooo much easier to remember things!

      I can’t believe I slacked off on it for so much this month! Well this next coming month I am going to do better!!

      I would love to hear your success and updates as times goes on! 

      All the Best,


  5. Holly

    I love that you are sharing your progress month to month! It is very inspiring. You are a bit ahead of me (I’m only 1.5 months in) so it’s nice to see what other people are able to accomplish to help me in goal setting. Your SEO tips were awesome! When you say embedded videos, are they videos you create or any video from YouTube or wherever that’s relative to your content? If that latter, are there copyright issues?

    I’m going to make my google sheet spread sheet organizer tomorrow!

    • Chris

      Hi Holly!

      Yeah it is kinda fun sharing it month by month! I want to show people what the real process is like when creating something from scratch!

      Most people who have become successful don’t share to much on about that part of the business

      When I am talking about embedded videos they are ones that I have created and uploaded to YouTube as well as a few from YouTube that aren’t mine but are relevant!

      No there are no copyright issues! If you go to a YouTube video and click “share” and there is an embed code, then it is 100% fine to embed it! Hope that answers your question!

      All the Best,


  6. Jennifer David


    Loved reading your blog post.  You reminded me of all my projects that I started back in the day and never completed because I got bored or it was not working fast enough for me.

    Then I read the bit about Amazon and realised that if I stuck to at least one thing I could be a multi-millionaire by now. lol

    Like yourself I found Wealthy Affiliate and thank God that I did because all that I have learned at WA is priceless and I would never had achieved as much as I have done without being on this platform.  The step by step training is so easy to do and the really good thing is that I am building a business whilst do the training.

    I love your plan for this blog post and it is really coming along and I can see that you are going to accomplish more than your goal for it.

    I think that you have a brilliant Idea here and would love to see your journey in a year from now. Amazing.

    Keep up the good work


    • Chris

      Hi Jennifer!

      I am glad you loved it! Haha yeah that is the hard thing, sticking with only ONE thing! I see so many people who are starting up 2 or 3 websites at a time!

      All the successful people talk about how you just need to stick with one thing, in fact Neil Patel says you should only focus on selling one product at a time and maximize earnings for that one client before adding another!

      There really is no better platform than Wealthy Affiliate! I am glad that you are enjoying being with them! 

      I am excited to see what will happen a year from now as well! I want it to go by fast, but I know it will probably crawl along at a snails pace lol.

      Keep me updated on your progress as well!

      All the Best,


  7. Dora

    Now that’s what I call a helpful blog.  Your idea of blogging on a month to month basis on your progress with Affiliate Marketing, will sure be helpful for future Affiliates.  I definitely will be reading your blog on a monthly basis, because I enjoy reading about other people’s journey to success.  

    I joined Wealthy Affiliates about 3 years and I never once regretted my decision. The three years I’ve been at WA I’ve seen people leave and most of them make their way back, because there no place like Wealthy Affiliates. 

    Best of luck with your billion $$$ blog



    • Chris

      Hey Dora!

      Glad you found this blog helpful!! Wow what has your journey been like with Wealthy Affiliate?! I can only imagine what you have learned in the last 3 years!!

      I hope that you don’t find my journey disappointing haha!

      All the Best,


  8. kingsleysbeauty

    I love using the Wealthy Affiliate platform. I am on my 3rd blog. My first two were not successful because I didn’t understand how to get ranked in search engines. I also realized early on that I wasn’t getting authentic comments. It’s hard to stay motivated when you’re not connecting with people. I was given the opportunity to join WA, and I’ll be honest I was over the idea of blogging. However, I took the risk of going down that path again. I’m glad I did. I look forward to reading about the different risks you took/taking and what you learned from them.

    • Chris


      I am so glad that you have had a great experience with Wealthy Affiliate. I am very afraid that I just found out that I need to completely restart my blog…literally the worst feeling ever. 

      If you can keep continuing than I can as well! 

      All the Best,


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