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How To Make A Blog Site- Made Easy


Hi there! I’m sure many of you who are here on this page wondering how to make a blog site and have been thinking about it for some time. You’ve probably looked up what the pros and cons are and may have even decided that it is what you want to do! If so congratulations on the decision, you are about to start a wonderful journey!

Before We Start-Why Create A Blog?

For those of you who aren’t 100% sure on why you should create a blog, let me give you some reasons why! One of the main reasons why people create blogs is to become financially free! You always hear about how someone makes over $50,000 a month from their website and they travel the world full time!

When we see these people, a little something might ignite in us! I know for me it did! I would always start to dream about what I would want my perfect life to look like! What would I do if I could work from my laptop? How would my daily routine look?

Imagine yourself now, what would you do if you were bringing in a minimum of 6k a month in passive income? How would you spend your mornings? What would you do for fun? How would you help other people? What fun things would you do with your family??

Another reason people create blogs is because it’s a hobby! Some people really like to write (like myself) and love expressing themselves through sharing their experience with others!

Some people start a blog to get out of debt! One blog I study quite a bit is “Making Sense of Cents!” The owner of the blog Michelle started blogging to track her financial progress and ended up paying off all her student loans with it!

I started this blog, because I have learned so many things over the last three years that have tremendously improved my life! I know there are other people out there who are looking for the things I have found and I want to help them!

Choosing A Mentor- My Recommendation

If you want your blog to become successful, I would highly recommend finding someone who has the results you want and learn from them! Think about it, if you wanted to say, improve your marriage, would you go to someone who has been divorced and take advice from them? Or would you find someone who has had a very successful marriage and get their advice??

The other option is trying to figure out how to improve your marriage on your own, but that would be a lot more difficult than finding someone who has what you want!

The same applies for creating a blog! I myself personally use Wealthy Affiliate. If you haven’t read my Wealthy Affiliate Review, it would be a great idea before continuing with this article as I will be showing how to create a free blog (to start) through them.

I know there are other programs out there to create free blogs, I know from my experience that Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need to become successful! To start I will show you how to create an account with Wealthy Affiliate, than from there, create your website and get it up and running! If you are comfortable creating an account than you can skip this next section coming up!

If you are not sure you want to use Wealthy Affiliate than by all means, you can go find a tutorial somewhere else! Don’t worry, no hard feelings! Now that we are ready to go, lets learn how to make a blog site!

Creating Your Free Account- 3 Easy Steps

If you don’t have a free Wealthy Affiliate Account click the “Get Started Here!” in the image below to create one! Now you might want to pull up another window and go step by step along with me!

1. Click on the “Get Started Here!” in the picture above and it will take you to a web page that looks like the picture down below!

2. Enter in your email address and click “Get Started.”

3.This page below will pop up. Input your name, than create a username and password and click “Get Started Now!”

How to Make a Blog Site

Great! Now you have officially created your free Wealthy Affiliate account!

Creating Your First Website-Step by Step!

Now that you have created your free account it is time to work towards setting up your first website! I will guide you through the Wealthy Affiliate tour and first steps of training! Wahoo! After this completing the free starter membership you will have a great idea about if this is something you want to do long term! Also, I won’t be showing you how to do everything as Kyle’s training videos do a very good job on that.

I however will give you my thoughts and idea’s that may help you as you get through it!

1. Click “Start the Tour.” After starting the tour you will be shown 5 or 6 different parts of the Wealthy Affiliate. Read through all of these descriptions thoroughly!

2. After going through the tour you will automatically start on lesson one! You don’t even need to navigate to it, how cool is that?! Here is what it should look like for you!

To start, start reading through lesson one. After reading, you will have certain tasks to accomplish such as adding a profile picture, setting goals, setting up a description and watching the two videos. Follow the directions in the video and it shouldn’t be a problem!

My Thoughts on Goal Setting

This is something I want you to really think about. I’ve seen many people who write down their goals but are not specific! When asked how much they would be happy making, they will answer $1000.00, and that is it. Is it a $1000.00 a day? A week? A month? A year? Same with the question “How much would you be ecstatic to earn? Make it specific! When it comes to how much time are you willing to take to achieve these goals. Please, please, please make it long term!

You need to be willing to invest at least six months they say. I prefer to let people know they should we willing to invest at least a year before they can expect to start making money. It is a lot more realistic. If you are only willing to invest a couple hours a week or only a few months to this, I will tell you now, you are just going to be wasting your precious time! First test it out for a week on the starter and make sure you actually enjoy blogging before you get a premium membership.

Anyways that is my little rant and here is what your goals should look like! See how it is specific? Of course, they don’t have to be exactly the same, so you can modify it to your needs!

My Thoughts on the Description

For your description it is a great idea to tell the community a little about yourself! Something you could include are your hobbies, interests, and reasons why you want to start up a website!

3. After completing all tasks for lesson one click “Next Lesson”. This will take you straight into lesson two “Understanding How To Make Money Online!”

In this lesson you will learn about how to make money online. Kyle does a great job at explaining this process! You will also be asked to start participating within the community and comment on some goals of other people! Why is this important?

It is important to do this because as you encourage other people and connect with them, you don’t feel as alone. You meet great friends who will help you along in your journey!

An aspect of Wealthy Affiliate is the ambassadorship program. When you become an Ambassador you get the chance to create extra money within Wealthy Affiliate. One of the ways to become an Ambassador is to be active within the community! This is another reason why it is important to get involved in the community!

Every day, I make a point to comment on goals of others and answer as many questions as possible! Also, if you have any questions to things I don’t go over in this training, feel free to message me within my Wealthy Affiliate Account. I would be more than happy to help you!

4. After completing lesson two click on “Next Lesson” again and start lesson three “Choose a Niche!” It should look like this!

Again read through Kyle’s post and watch the video. After doing this you are going to want to choose a niche to get into!

My Thoughts on Choosing a Niche

So many people stress over this when they don’t need to! I know in the training it says try to be as specific as possible, but you don’t need to be specific! You can choose a broad niche if you want to! There are pros and cons to both, but there are successful blogs out there that have broad niches and specific niches!

To pick a niche, I would recommend something that you have quite a bit of knowledge on or are passionate about! When I first tried this a couple years ago I picked jewelry as my niche. I didn’t really know anything about jewelry and I wasn’t really passionate about it, so I ended up not enjoying writing about it and quit!

Your niche can really be anything you want! I saw one blog, it was literally only about pumpkin spice! Now that is very narrow and specific! But than you have blogs like mine that are more broad! I chose to create a website to help people live the life that they want to live! To live the life you want to live, there are many things you need to do! I don’t focus on all these things, but I do focus on some key ones and plan on expanding in the future!

What do I mean by expand? Well right now I focus on personal development, finance and creating success online! Another part though of having a successful life is being healthy. I eventually want to add in a section on different ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle!

I hope this makes sense and helps you not worry too much about choosing a niche! Make sure you take your time choosing what you want to blog about. 3 months from now, you don’t want to change your mind and have to start over!

5. After choosing your niche click on “Next Lesson” again and head over to lesson 4 “Building your own NICHE website”

Finally!! You are ready to create your very own website! I’m super proud that you have made it this far! It is one of the most exciting parts! Start reading Kyle’s training and watch the associated videos and I will give you my two cents on the subject!

Choosing Between SiteRubix and a Domain

Unless you already have a domain of your own I would highly recommend starting out with the siterubix website! This will allow you to save the money of actually buying a domain, than if you decide this is an endeavor you want to start, than you can buy yourself a real domain and transfer your siterubix to it! When I first started this blog a couple years ago it started out as After deciding that this was something I wanted to continue I bought on namecheap!

I just recently switched to having it hosted at Wealthy Affiliate instead of namecheap!

Choosing a Design

This is another thing to not get to stressed over. Instead of trying to pick the perfect theme at first choose the one in the first 10 that appeal to you the most. (As a starter member you don’t have access to all themes). Then once you become premium and have thought how you want your website to be set up, you can search for a theme that will allow you to build it out.

Don’t worry if you need to switch it, I probably switched mine about 10 times before I found my perfect theme!

6. After completing lesson 4 check off the boxes and click “Next Lesson” as usual and head over to lesson number 5 “Setting up your Website!”

You have just created your very own website and now it’s time to start getting it set up! Read through Kyle’s training and watch the video’s to get an understanding of what you need to do next! I really don’t have much input on this lesson mainly because it is all very basic stuff that is hard to have an opinion on. So once you have set up your plugins, deleted the default posts, comments, page, it is time to head to the next lesson!

7. After completing lesson 5 and doing all the tasks click “Next Lesson” and head over to lesson number 6 “Getting Your Site Ready for Search Engines!”

I really don’t have much to say on this lesson either, except follow as Kyle says on how to optimize your website for SEO!

8. After completing lesson 6 “Click Next Lesson” and head over to lesson 7 ” Creating Your Initial Website Content”

Finally!!! You get to create your first pages and posts for your website!! Great job on making it this far! By now, you might be on day 2 or 3 of journey and that is totally alright! It is best to do this in baby steps! You could be like me though who got through the first 10 lessons in one day! In this training you will be creating your “About Me” post and “Privacy Policy” Page! You will also learn about the “Site Content” Platform in Wealthy Affiliate!

The “Site Content” Platform is great because of how easy it is to write, add pictures and do spell checks all in the same place! I do not know of any other company that has a feature like this! It makes writing content super smooth and easy! Instead of having to go to websites with free stock photos, you can find all of them right there in Wealthy Affiliate which will save you so much time!

It can be a bit finicky though when adding in pictures through there. Usually what I do is find a picture I like, than screen shot it, than upload it into the document via WordPress. You won’t need to worry about adding pictures for a while though as that comes in a later training!

Creating Your “About Me” Post

I have a few thoughts on this. Once again, don’t focus on making it perfect right away. A lot of people when writing will try to edit as they write. In my opinion this is not very effective and will slow you down a lot! When you first write any post, write everything down that comes to mind and than once you are finished, go through and edit it! When editing it is always a great idea to read it out loud to yourself!

There have been many times when I have read something out loud and totally realized that it didn’t make any sense at all! It is also that in your “About Me” post you try tell as much about yourself as you’re comfortable! The more you can relate to your audience, the more trust you will build with them! When you have more trust with someone, the more likely they are to buying a product or service from you in the future!

9. After completing lesson 7 and finishing the tasks click “Next Lesson” and start lesson 8 “Creating Custom Menus on Your Website”

This is one of the more tricky lessons here in Wealthy Affiliate. Creating menu’s can sometimes be a pain in the rear end! Menus can appear different for all themes! If you have any questions about menus feel free to leave a comment or message me directly in Wealthy Affiliate and I would be glad to help you out the best I can! Follow Kyle’s instructions as best you can, he does an amazing job of teaching about!

Remember, if a task seems difficult and you want to give up, DON’T!! Learning to solve problems and push through when it is difficult is a valuable lesson! Every expert was at that point once! There are many things that I struggle with as I go through the training! A few days ago I was setting up google analytics and google search console (don’t worry you’ll learn about this later) so I could have Google index my post and pages I had written.

Needless to say it took me about 4 hours!! Trust me, I got so frustrated during that process, but I learned a lot. You will have times like that as you start building your website, but hey, if it was easy than everyone would be doing it!

10. After Completing lesson 8 it is time to move on to lesson 9 ” Understanding Keywords, the Start of Your Content!”

This was one of my favorite parts of the training, learning about keywords! In this lesson you will create your first blog post based on a certain keyword! Read and watch Kyle’s training and he will go in depth into what a keyword is!

To search keywords you will be using Jaaxy most likely. As a starter member you will get 30 free searches which will be plenty of searches to find your first few keywords! To get an unlimited amount of searches you will have to upgrade to the premium membership! But wait to do that until you get through your first ten lessons! In the video when Kyle is searching for keywords you will notice that his QSR numbers automatically pop up, that is because he is using an upgraded version of Jaaxy that you need to pay for!

If just using the lite version of Jaaxy (comes with premium membership) or the starter version with 30 free searches you will have to manually click the QSR number to have it downloaded You don’t need to consider paying for Jaaxy at all. I myself still use the free version that comes with the Premium membership and it works perfectly fine!

Find those first few keywords and than lets head on to the next lesson!

11. Now that you have completed lesson 9 it is time to head on over to lesson 10 “Congratulations and Your Next Step!”

Wahoo! You have finally made it through all of the first module! In this lesson Kyle just does a quick recap on everything you’ve completed and will learn in the next lesson! For those of you who haven’t created an account but just read through this post, here are a couple pictures showing everything that has been completed and will be completed in the pictures below!

The Next Step

Now that you have completed your first lessons it is time to decide if you want to go Premium or not! Normally Premium costs $49/month. Since Kyle and Carson are so kind they offer everyone their first month of premium for $19! For less than twenty bucks you can try out all the different features at Wealthy Affiliate and really get your website up and running! Remember, only get the special offer for the first six days of setting up an account!

If you need to take a couple days that is totally cool! Also, remember that since Wealthy Affiliate has given the first 9 lessons out for free they do not give refunds on the $19 if you decide you don’t want to pursue it.

I know this will make a lot of people fearful of going Premium because they don’t want to lose money! I want to go into this a little! To start, $19 is pennies compared to the value you get here at Wealthy Affiliate. I willing to bet that you spend more than that a week just on some type of habit you have like coffee! So many people will buy a $5 coffee every day!

Maybe think about something you could sacrifice for a week to start this journey! I myself have spent thousands of dollars on personal development and trying new things out! I can tell you it has been worth every penny I’ve spent!

I want you to also think about college, think about the price of one textbook. A textbook will cost hundreds of dollars only to be used a little! Then once that person graduates that class they will most likely forget everything they learned! People will spend tens of thousands of dollars to go to school to get an education and then not make that money back or end up spending their whole life paying it off!

For an online business opportunity it costs a small fraction of that amount, and you have the ability to make way more money! For those who don’t have the funds but want to continue, just start saving until you can afford it! While you are saving up you can still use the free siterubix and keep creating content! Content is one of the most important things you need!

That will conclude everything I have to say for this post! If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment and I’ll be happy to assist!

If you still haven’t created your free account head on over to my Wealthy Affiliate Review to get started!

Remember once you sign up you can message me through the online community at Wealthy Affiliate and I can answer any questions you may have there!

Best Regards,




  1. H Phomrong Maring

    Hi Chris,
    That was impressive. Yes, everyone wants financial freedom and this is the reason why many people come online looking for the magical tool to make that happened.

    I agree on your analogy of finding a successful marriage after consulting someone who have had it already. The same thing applies in becoming a successful blogger online.
    We really do need mentors who can show us the way to achieve what we’re looking for; and Wealthy Affiliate is such an amazing platform to rope in.
    Thanks for showing all the hints.

    All the best.

  2. Eric

    Hi Chris,

    I really like the idea of starting a blog! Every business now should have a blog because it’s the easiest and most cost-effective way to deliver value and to grow an audience.

    I’ve been a part of your recommended platform Wealthy Affiliate for almost a year now. The amount of training you get even as a free member is the best in the industry.

    I started my blog without any prior knowledge. As a matter of fact, it was so easy, all I had to do was follow their videos step-by-step. For people who are thinking about starting a blog, just do it. You never know what can happen until you take action.


  3. Brandon

    Thanks for such a step by step but detailed guide. I wish I found this when I first started my website, as I could’ve saved myself a whole lot of time! I don’t want to pay an arm and a leg to start a website so I’m glad your recommendation, the Wealthy Affiliate, has a free trial so I can get started right away. Thanks!

    • Chris

      You are very welcome! I am glad I found Wealthy Affiliate to help me with getting started!
      It would have been a completely different story if I hadn’t!

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