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How to Lose Weight with Juicing- My Crazy Weight Loss Journey

Here on this post I want to document my journey of trying to become healthy. Like most people I am overweight, got quite a bit of extra chub on my body. It wasn’t always like this though.

Growing up through high school I stayed about the same weight and didn’t have any problems with weight gain. In fact here is a picture of me!

During my High School Years at 175 lbs

After I left on my two year mission to Pennsylvania I started to pack on the pounds. During that two year period I went from 195 lbs to 218 lbs!

When I looked at some older pictures I could tell in my face that I was getting fat!! It was literally the worst feeling in the world. Most of high school I was had been around 175 lbs!

I then vowed to get in shape and lose weight! Within a few months of exercising and eating right I was down to 200 lbs and boy was I excited!

Soon I fell back into old habits and found myself at around 218 lbs again! Then at the end of December 2016 I decided to enter a weight loss competition following a specific program.

May 2016 around 218 lbs

The competition was three months long and in that 3 month time period I was able to get down to around 198 lbs!

I hadn’t been less than 200 lbs in years and man did I feel AMAZING!!!! I unfortunately didn’t come in the top 10 at all but that was alright. In my mind I had won a victory!

Soon after that competition I ended up going out to do summer sales for that summer selling pest control! While out doing sales I was able to maintain good eating habits and was able to drop another 5 lbs getting down to 193!

Summer 2017 Selling Pest Control at around 193 lbs

I was also the strongest I had ever been. Right before I signed up for the weight loss competition I could barely do 1 body weight chin up, during the summer I got up to 10 body weight chin-ups!

Then the summer came to an end and I ended up moving down to Arizona and working for another company knocking doors. After about 2 months of knocking I ended up getting an office position for the same company and my health started going downhill…

Other Employees would bring in doughnuts, there would be pizza lunches and I just couldn’t resist!!

I then stopped working out and started eating more…I started to gain the weight back slowly.

At first I didn’t think much of it, until I got up 220 lbs. I rationalized to myself though that it was alright.

Before I knew it I was 235 lbs! I was chubby and my confidence had dramatically decreased.

I tried many times to lose the weight but never seemed to be able to do it. I loved food to much and didn’t have the desire to exercise. For a quite a while I fluctuated between 228-235 lbs.

Then the last two months of 2018 I really pushed myself over the edge and was 245 lbs by the end of the year.

December of 2018 245 lbs

I felt miserable, I felt like garbage, I had no energy, my self confidence and esteem had really hit an all time low.

I knew however that I needed to make a change. My uncle in-law had suggested that my wife and I watch a movie called “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.”

Earlier last year he had done a “juice fast” similar to the guy in the movie and lost 40 lbs in 1.5 months!

At first I thought to myself that, that wasn’t healthy and that I probably wouldn’t try it.

Well one night right before the new year, my wife was out with a friend and I decided to watch it by myself.

“Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” is about an Australian man Joe Cross who is overweight, unhealthy and has an auto immune disease that he took medication for.

In the beginning of the movie he talks about how he had tried different ways of losing weight and getting healthy but never succeeded.

He then decides to try and become healthy again and get off the medication completely by not eating any food and drinking tons and tons of vegetable and fruit juice for the next 60 days!

It was pretty crazy to see the results at the end! Needless to say I was hooked! I thought if this guy can pull something off like that, then I can as well!

That night I went out and got myself some fruits and veggies to juice and used the people who’s basement we are renting out juicer!

That first sip of vegetable juice actually tasted really refreshing! Since then I have had fresh juice!

I’m not going as hardcore as he went, (which I’ll talk about later) but so far I have lost just over 11 lbs in one week!

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