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How to Find Keywords for a Website- The Secret Sauce!

Hi there! First of all, I just want to congratulate you on having a website!! This is a huge step you have taken! I started this journey about a month and half ago, and have not regretted it one bit!

Regardless of who you signed up with to do blogging, to get true success you need to target certain “keywords” to get traffic to your site! Now, there are some ways you can do this for free, and there are some ways where you can pay a monthly fee to find the best keywords quickly and efficiently!

Lets learn how to find keywords for a website!

What is a Keyword?

Before I get into writing about how to find keywordslet me define what a keyword is exactly, some of you may have just clicked on this article in curisousness, and have no idea what a keyword is!

Most likely you yourself have searched for a keyword yourself today. Any phrase or word that is typed into Google is a “keyword”

Here’s an example,

Say my dishwasher broke down and I wanted to try and figure out what was wrong with it myself. I would go into Google and type “why did my dishwasher stop working?” That phrase right there is the keyword.

Say I had a website on DIY projects. Depending on how many times that phrase was typed into Google I might write an article titled  “Why did my dishwasher stop working?” In the article, I then might write about five reasons why a dishwasher would stop working and how to fix it!

Choosing the Right Keyword

Now the next step is going to be determining if the keyword is a keyword worth writing about! Tens of thousands of people start blogs everyday, thus a lot of keywords are being used over and over and over again by different people! It is important not to pick something that has a low competition, that way you can rank faster in Google and get traffic!

Would you write an article that 300 people have written about and not get ranked in Google? (Unless you have tons of authority) Or would you rather write an article only 40 other people have written about and just compete with them?

Finding Keywords Alphabet Soup Style

First I want to go over the free way of how to find keywords, it is a very simple and all you need is access to Google! The way we are going to search for keywords is through a process called Alphabet Soup! Before you start this though, you need to make sure you have a niche picked out!

Once you have a niche you will need to choose a couple of basic keywords to get going. Let’s stick with the DIY projects website here. I’ll start off with the basic keyword “DIY”. Now that you have seen an example of a basic keyword choose one for your niche!

The next step is to open up Google and and type your keyword in. A cool thing about Google is that it tracks what the most popular phrases are that are searched for. When I type in “DIY” this is what comes up!

How to Find Keywords for a Website

Google and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google LLC, used with permission.

Now I can see some of the most popular searches in Google when people search for DYI projects. Now I can start building a list of potential keywords! Some potential keywords are:

  • diy projects
  • diy face mask
  • diy airconditioner
  • diy halloween constumes

Here is where the alphabet soup part comes in! After “DIY” I am now going to type in “diy a”. All I am doing is adding an “a” to see what the most popular searches are and starting writing down some keywords! After doing “a” I will do “b” all the way through the entire alphabet! Here is what that looks like! Google and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google LLC, used with permission.

Now that we have added the “a” in we have a few more words we can add onto our list! You literally do this for the entire alphabet and you can end up with a TON of keywords to use!

  • diy ant killer
  • diy acrylic nails
  • diy arcade cabinet

Let’s do one more and add the letter “b” and see what we can come up with!  Quick side note, if you are someone who is interested in have a website in this niche or are interested don’t be afraid to start it up! Here’s a look with the letter “b” now!

Google and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google LLC, used with permission.

Boom! Let’s add some of these and the previous lists together now! After doing 3 quick searches using the aplhabet soup technique we have eleven solid keywords we could potentially use, and we didn’t even add all the ones we could have!

  • diy projects
  • diy face mask
  • diy airconditioner
  • diy halloween constumes
  • diy ant killer
  • diy acrylic nails
  • diy arcade cabinet
  • diy big bear
  • diy bug spray
  • diy bedframe
  • diy bath bombs

I want to go just one step further with this to show you that there can literally be thousands of keywords for you niche! On all those keywords we have in the list above, we can apply the alphabet soup technique to thise also! Here is an example!

Google and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google LLC, used with permission.

Google and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google LLC, used with permission.

Just from these two searches we can see that our keywords list just grew exponentially!! One important thing I want to point out here is a keyword you choose needs to make sense!!! In the picture above for example, “diy face mask avocado” doesn’t make much sense. Instead you would use “diy avocado face mask!”

Now that we have figured out how to find a plethora of keywords lets look at how much a competition a keyword has!

To Use it or Not to Use it

Okay, so figuring this out the free way, in my opinion is not nearly as accurate as using the paid version. I will get to the paid version though in a bit!

For this example I am going to be using the keyword “diy facemask for dry skin.” Instead of jsut typing it up that way I am going to type allintitle: “diy face mask for dry skin” When you type it this way, it will only show the results for people who have that as the title of their article, or in the title! When did that seach for that keyword it came up with 314 results!

Google and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google LLC, used with permission.

Remember, we want to look for keywords that have 300 results or less to start off with! Once you start gaining more authority you can use keywords that have a competition of 400 or less!!

To close out this part, I am not sure how to find out how many people search this keyword each month for free, but I will show you how with Jaaxy!

Jaaxy-The Ultimate Keyword Tool

If you have signed up for Wealthy Affiliate you probably are already familiar with Jaaxy and how it works. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, you can sign up for a free trial of Jaaxy and get a free 30 searches!

So how does Jaaxy Work?

Jaaxy uses some pretty crazy voodoo magic and can tell you all the information you need to know for a certain keyword! Once you have set up your account you can go to the search bar, and search a keyword. For this example we will stay with the “diy projects!”

First lets go over the terms here in this picture!

Avg: This show the avg monthly searches for a keyword!

Traffic: This shows you how many people a month you would get to your website if you ranked on the first page of google!

QSR: This shows how actual competiton you have

KQI: Honestly, I have no idea what this means, but you want it to be green, not yellow or red!

These are the three main things you need to worry about, the others don’t really matter (at least not in my opinion)!

Based on these four things we can see whether or not a keyword is viable to use right now. After searching this I personally wouldn’t use “diy projects” as a keyword for an article!

Now I will show you of one you do want to use! I’ll use the title of this post for example! “How to find keywords for a website”

Now you will see why I used this specific keyword for this post! It averages more than 30 searches a month on google. I would get an average of 184 people a month visiting my site if I rank in the top page on google, the competition is under 100 and the KQI is green!

As you can see, determining if a keyword is good to use in Jaaxy is simple! The great thing is, that isn’t the only thing you can do with Jaaxy! Some other features include:

  • Saving lists of keywords and their stats
  • Automatic alphabet soup
  • Search for relevant affiliate programs
  • And many more!!!

If you are a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate then you get a lite version of Jaaxy which includes unlimited searches with some features not accessible. As someone who just started with blogging, I just use the free version from being a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate and don’t see a need to pay for an upgraded version, at least not until my website needs it.

Otherwise, if you are not a Premium member you can sign up for a free account at Jaaxy and get a free thirty searches to test it out! After that you can upgrade to a Pro Membership for fifty bucks a month! If you are interested in trying out the free version just click on the link below to get started! 

I hope this has been insightful and of value! If there is anything you think I should add, feel free to leave a comment below! If you have any other way of finding great keywords, feel free to share with everyone!

Read my full Jaaxy Review Here!

If you aren’t familiar with Wealthy Affiliate click here to read my review on it!

Best of Luck,



  1. Darren

    Thanks for taking the time to explain how the keywords work on google. I’ve not realised this before. This has given me a great insite on the workings of search engines.

    Jaaxy sounds like an amazing platform to use to get the most from every word!

  2. carol

    I learned about Alphabet Soup in my Wealthy Affiliate online training. As a matter of fact, I use it with Jaaxy which is my favorite keyword research tool. The first time I use Jaaxy, it was a hit for me. No longer am I frustrated with other trials. Jaaxy is definitely my #1 keyword research tool now.

    • Chris

      Hi Carol!

      I am glad that you love using Jaaxy! I know I myself love it sooo much!

      It can be kind of addicting looking for keywords haha!

      All the Best


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