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Chris- My Story

Thanks for checking out MindzUnleashed! My purpose in creating this website is to truly help others improve find success thinking and how to create a passive income!  The thing I am most passionate about is working towards being the best person I can become!

A Little Bit About Myself

I hail from the great country of Canada! I was born in British Columbia and was raised in Whitehorse Yukon. Growing up I loved to go swimming, playing the piano and being in band. I also loved to do outdoor things such as hiking and quading! I also enjoyed exercising and listening to music!

Once I graduated from high school I served a church mission for two years in Pennsylvania! There I learned many great lessons and how to do hard things. It was an experience I’ll be forever grateful for! After my mission I returned to Whitehorse where I started to discover what I truly wanted to do with my life.

My journey has taken me to Alaska, Alberta Canada, Utah, The North West Territories Canada, Colorado, and finally Arizona where I am now settled with my beautiful amazing wife! Traveling to all these different places in the last 3 years has given me so many experiences I otherwise wouldn’t of had!

Theses last 3 years I have done my best to dedicate myself to becoming a better person and growing in all areas of life. I’ve also spent a good amount of time learning how to become successful and learning skills that would help me do so. I now feel ready to start sharing with others what I have learned and to helping others discover what I have discovered!

Why I Want to Help People

The reason I want to help others in being their best selves is because my life has been so much more full since I started this quest. I have grown so much as a person in these last few years. More than I thought possible. It’s taken time, money and sacrifice to be able to accomplish. But it has been totally worth it and I feel amazing because of it.

I have been able to become debt free and live below my means, and raise my income from minimum wage to more than what the “Average American” makes. I hope these next three years I will be able to grow financially even more!

There are so many people out there (you might be one of them) looking to change their life. To get out of the funk they are in. I am a strong believer that people are like this because they don’t know what their purpose is and don’t have dreams and goals they are running towards!

When you intentionally try to become a better version of yourself everyday, you will feel more confidence, joy and purpose in life. That is something I can promise.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Chained to Unleashed- My Story

Hi there! Something I’ve heard over and over again while learning about blogging is that I need to be genuine with my audience. I need to tell them my story in order to help them understand why I am creating this blog. I want to share with you how I went from “chained”to “unleashed” so to speak.

When I was twenty years old I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I had no idea. I loved music but knew I couldn’t support a family with a career like that. So I thought about going into the medical, law, or fitness industry but couldn’t make up my mind. I literally spent years thinking about which one I wanted to go in to.

I just wanted to do something that I loved but also make a ton of money at the same time. There were lots of careers out there that I could get into and make plenty of money, but I didn’t truly love any of them.

All throughout high school I learned that I needed to do what I was passionate about. I also knew that I needed to be able to support a large family because having a big family was something important to me.

When I finished high school I left on a two-year mission two months later for my church and thought that I had plenty of time to decide what I wanted to do with my life. Well, wasn’t I wrong. Soon that two years became two months, which became two weeks, which then turned into days and I still wasn’t any closer to making a decision.

My Awakening

After two years I had finally completed my mission, but now I needed to decide what I wanted to do with my life. While making a decision I took a job as a delivery driver for Pizza Hut while living with my parents. I figured I could give myself a little more time before making a decision right? After all it was a decision that would affect the rest of my life.

Well one day (now I forget if my dad had approached me, or I just found it on his bookshelf) I ended up reading “No Excuses” by Brian Tracy. From the moment I picked it up I was hooked. “No Excuses” talked about how I could literally accomplish whatever I wanted to in life. I just had to change my mindset.

If I thought I was only worth $150,000.00 a year than that is all I would probably end up making in the future. But if I thought I was worth $100,000,000.00 I could accomplish that as well within my life with a little more work.

It than hit me. All throughout high school I had heard the phrase “go to school, get good grades, go to college get a degree and go into a career until your 65 when you can than retire”. I was told that, this is how I become successful in life. Honestly I dreaded thinking that, that is how my life would be.

One thing I had wondered about quite a bit growing up was how did people become millionaires and billionaires? What kind of jobs did that have that earned that could earn that much money in a year?? I’m sure many of you have wondered the same thing.

I also learned that a lot of the super wealthy people dropped out of high school and college! Then those left who did go to college or university didn’t even use their degree to become wealthy. Instead, they got their knowledge from learning out on the street making mistakes, doing a self education and finding a mentor to teach them.

After learning this I thought to myself, “well if that’s how the rich became rich, than that’s how I wanted to do it. If other people can accomplish becoming wealthy without college, then I could as well!” I than made a choice that I would not go to college (which my parents weren’t very comfortable with at first).

It has been almost three years since I made this decision and I haven’t regretted it one bit! Just to warn you, you have to be super confident in yourself to go out there and make it on your own.

Self Education-What I Have Learned So Far

Well I’m not going to say everything I’ve learned just because that would be a dump truck of information. Here are a few key things though.

If and when you choose to go down this route that I have gone down, you are going to need to have to decide what you want to do (I’ll get more into this later). The most important thing you can focus on is becoming the best version of you! I first learned this concept from Tai Lopez when he said it’s very important to work on the four pillars of life health, wealth, love and happiness.

I also chose to learn about business and sales in general as knowledge and skill in those two areas are required to find true financial freedom. Throughout my three years I have learned about many types of business models and what is required to make them all successful.

Throughout my three years I tried out many business ideas. I was what they call a “serial entrepreneur” someone who could never stick to one idea. As a result I ended up wasting a ton of time.

One thing I just recently learned is that I need to stick with one thing and not switch so frequently. I finally thought long and hard about what I wanted to do (like months). Did I want to get amazing at sales and just sell my entire life? Did I want to be a part of a D2D company with the opportunity for ownership in the business? Did I want to drop ship? Did I want to grow a network marketing company? Did I want to start a blog up? Did I want to go out and start my own company from scratch or did I want to do Real Estate?!

There were just so many choices after many years of learning! Well after months of thinking on the subject I decided that I really wanted to start up this blog. The one thing I am passionate about in life is becoming the best version of myself that I can, and helping other’s to do the same! I figured that creating a blog would be the best way to do that, as I have the opportunity to reach millions of people!

In fact creating a blog has been something on my mind for a while, creating a blog was one of the very first things I tried when I started on this journey. Unfortunately back then I didn’t have the patience or knowledge that I now have to stick it out.

Whatever you do choose to do remember that it is a marathon and not a sprint! Make one decision and stick with it for at least five years!

I have also learned that consistency is key in self education. You cannot take a break from it, otherwise it is very tempting to go back to old habits. Whether that is reading for at least fifteen minutes a day or listening to at least one audio to keep up.

Another thing I have learned in this process is that getting this type of education requires sacrifice. The government isn’t willing to dish out money for this type of thing. All the costs for books, audios and training has to come out-of-pocket. When you pay $2000.00 for a course that means you are going to have to delay gratification on something else.

I’ve learned going down this route that it is very important to invest as much as you can into yourself. The more you can invest, the more edge you will have over the competition! That is key!

How to Start a Self Education-The Basics

The very first way I started to teach myself was through books. My father had a bookshelf with many books on personal development, business, sales etc. I would read those as often as possible! Books are so important because you can literally read someone’s entire life work within a couple hours!

Example: You can go get a book on Sam Walton and learn about his entire life story and how he came to create Walmart and become one of the most successful men to have lived. You can read the entire book in a matter of hours! You can learn from his mistakes that cost him millions so you don’t have to. The people who write these books can be your mentors, the best part is you can usually find these books for twenty dollars or less!

Soon after reading, I also started listening to audios/CD’s. One of the first people I listened to was Tony Robbins. Many of you are probably familiar with him, if not go check him out. I remember in one of his audios he talked about how you need to turn your car into a university on wheels!

The average American spends about 293 hours each year driving!! Imagine what you could learn in that 293 hours listening to audios!!!!

I would recommend looking up YouTube clips by Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez on YouTube first. Start listening to as much as you can!

Then of course you can get information from google. You can literally google anything and 99.9% of the time you will find an answer. There are so many people out there who do not use this great resource to their advantage!

Remember it isn’t just good enough to learn, you than also need to act on what you learn from the mentors you listen to if you want to see results.

Becoming Unleashed

I named this page “becoming unleashed” for a reason! I realized I had been mentally chained up to think I could only amount to so much in my life. I didn’t even know there was an alternative besides going to school, getting a degree and working for the rest of my life. Once your mind becomes “unleashed” a whole new world of possibility awaits you!

In order to start this process there are a few different books I would recommend! First I would recommend that you read “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki, “No Excuses” by Brian Tracy, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill or “You Were Born Rich” by Bob Proctor.

You can get them at a bookstore, or amazon! You could even get an online version for less than ten bucks! I promise you it will be worth it if this post has peaked your interest at all.

I so wish that these books were mandatory as part of the school curriculum growing up. It would have drastically changed my high school experience.

If you have just recently graduated in the last couple years than this is something you need to do. Especially if you aren’t quite sure what your life purpose is. Once you find your purpose life is way more thrilling.

Now if you are a little older don’t worry, there is still plenty of time to learn and grow and live out your life purpose. It will be a more difficult though than those who still have a fresh start like I did.

If you have ever read one of those books leave a comment on something that you learned from them that changed your life! Now if you haven’t read one, go read one, come back and leave a comment! I love hearing what insight others have gained.

Penniless to Prosperous- My Story

Growing up I had heard a lot that I “needed to stay out of debt” “live within my means” “spend less than what you make.” I was never actually taught any principles though on how to do this. When I was twenty years old I got my first credit card from the bank! Man was I excited! I had a $2000 limit on it!

Of course, I told myself that  I would always pay it off each month no matter what. At the time I was working as a delivery driver for PizzaHut (I actually made pretty decent money there) so I was able to keep this promise to myself for quite a while. Slowly but surely I began a descent downhill of racking up debt on my credit card.

It started off with buying items off the dollar menu at McDonalds and not paying it off. I would pay off some of it, just not all of it. Every month the balance on my card would slowly get higher and higher. I made sure to make at least the minimum payments no matter what. That was good enough. Right?

About a year later I went to the bank to deposit a check or something of that nature and they asked me if I wanted to increase my credit limit to $3,000.00! Of course, I said yes, I mean who wouldn’t? I currently probably had a $1000.00 balance out of my $2000.00 at the time.

Unfortunately that just made it worse and I became more relaxed about making payments on my card as I didn’t think I would reach $3000.00 anytime soon, plus the monthly minimum was pretty small still. I’ll admit some months I avoided paying even the monthly minimum.

Anyways within the next eight to nine months I had hit my $3000.00 on the card and I knew I had messed up. My minimum payment on the card had gone from at first being $10.00 a month to around $215.00! I felt miserable knowing that I had spent so much money I didn’t actually have at the time.

Mind you this was after reading through a fiance book that taught sound financial principles. I just didn’t really apply them that well I guess haha. I decided to make a change from that moment on, to start living the principles I had learned. Now, I know I didn’t have much debt compared to most people. Even then, I still felt I had chains attached to me.

I began to worry about how much time it would take to pay off. It was a cause for a lot of stress the last couple of years of my life. Then to make matters even worse I got into more debt. My grandfather had given me his car and I had quite a few experiences where I almost lost my life driving that car.

One day I was headed out to the store and in the middle of a left turn the car stalled out on me with oncoming traffic! This wasn’t the only time this happened.  Long story short I took the car to the mechanic and payed about $400.00 to not have it fixed so I decided to get a new car!

At the time I was looking I didn’t have that much money, but also did not want to go into debt for a car. So what did I do?  I went out and spent $6300 on a car, $2300 on a warranty and got a loan from the bank. Now I was about $11,500 in debt. I felt like I was chained down and enslaved. I always worried about having enough money to pay the bills on time.

Two months after buying the car I made a huge leap of faith. I had learned from many successful business people that if I wanted to be successful I needed to do door to door sales. On May first I arrived in Colorado to sell pest control. For those of you who don’t know, door to door sales is 100% commission, meaning that I don’t get paid hourly. I only get paid if I sell someone on buying pest control.

With this particular company you had to get at least 10 sales in two weeks to get paid $150.00. The rest of the commission would then be paid out after the season was over in back end checks as they got sprayed for bugs. When I left to Colorado I had around $800.00 in  my bank account and about $200.00 in for sure monthly expenses not including food.

When I went out I thought I would kill it and just be rolling in the dough. Well I soon learned that it was a lot harder then expected and I didn’t get a sale for my first two weeks! Slowly my bank account got smaller and smaller!

I had to survive for 4 months. I didn’t prepare financially like I should have, but that was my fault and I was determined to stick it out! Eventually I was able to get the hang of selling somewhat and was able to make a little money upfront while  out there. There were two months though I didn’t pay my car payment and by the end of summer I ended up having to get a $1500.00 advance so I could pay some bills and make it back home!

I can’t even begin to describe the pain I felt as I struggled through those months with almost no money and eating very cheap meals! There were many nights where I would cry myself to sleep because I was so stressed that I wasn’t going to make any money and just fail miserably. I was able to push through though.

After the summer was over I was able to get on with another door to door company helping people get new roofs through their insurance company. Let’s just say it was a lot easier of a sell and higher commission! The skills I had learned selling pest control made it easy peasy!

Soon I was invited into the office to help it grow in there and now make decent money negotiating with insurance companies on the price of claims.

Now it is July 2018 and my wife (just got married in May) and I are now completely debt free! The credit card is totally paid for and the car was totally paid off about a week ago!

I can’t even begin to describe the feeling of relief I got from writing that final check. I feel a lot happier, and so does she! Not only is being debt free amazing, so is the ability to not have to worry as much about your monthly expenses. Now I don’t make a ton of money with what I do (the paycheck varies week to week)but it is more than most people my age.

We also have money going into an investment every month that is having compound interest work for me and not against me now! I may not be super wealthy yet… but I am on my way there!

Getting out of Debt

I think it’s safe to say that majority of people who are reading this have debt of some kind whether it be a credit card, home, car, student loan, or other. You probably have the feeling that you are drowning in it and it is a cause for much stress in your life.

Well, I am here to tell you that there is hope! It is possible to get rid of debt. One thing to remember more though is that the more debt you have the longer it will take to become free. The only true way to get out of debt is to change your thinking about money and spending. In order to do this you will need to buy a program that has worked for others.

The program that I used and that worked for me was the Financial Fitness program by Life Leadership. It teaches you the offense, defense, and playing field of money. It teaches you how to get out of debt using correct principles, how to make more money and the history of money and how our economic system came to be today!

The Financial Fitness program comes with a book, workbook and audios! I would listen to the program while driving then read it in the evenings! The nice thing is it teaches you that you don’t have to live frugally your entire life. It is possible to expand your knowledge and skills so you can make more money! (Only if you want to)

That’s why I have created MindzUnleashed, to be able to help people accomplish what I have done. The only products I recommend here are things that have actually helped me in my life and brought significant value to me personally.

3 Things I Learned From Financial Fitness

The number one thing I learned is I needed to pay myself first. Now I’m not talking about paying myself so I can go blow money on useless things. I am talking about paying myself a certain amount and not ever touching it again! I’ve come to realize that even just doing a tiny amount each month will grow into something large over time.

Another one of my favorite principles I  learned is called the twenty four hour rule. How it works: Say you set a limit of $10.00. Any item that you think you need that costs more than $10.00 you need to sleep on it first for twenty four hours, if after twenty four hours you feel you still need it then you can buy it. Many things we purchase are impulse transactions that we think we need, but really don’t.

A third thing I learned is that I needed to willing to give and donate more. The reason behind this is, when you give your trick your mind into thinking that you have plenty of money because you are giving some away. It puts you into a prosperous mindset. I can honestly say that this works. If you are worried about how tight money is, go donate five bucks to a charity.

In The End

I may not have had some of the hardships that lots of other people have had going from homeless to creating an empire. But I know there are a lot of people out there who are in the same spot I was a few years ago. If you are worried about finances the first thing to do is have hope. The second is to make a commitment to yourself to fix it. Third start tracking your monthly expenses and see what area’s you can start cutting out on.

Once you have done these three steps, go find a financial program that will help you reach your goals. It is very important to invest in a high quality program, otherwise you will stay stuck where you are at. I would recommend looking into the Financial Fitness program by Life Leadership!

All the best,


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