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Brian- My Story

Hi! I’m Brian Little with I am a serial self-improvement, addict and LOVE reading books to benefit my life!

I grew up in Prince George British Columbia where I played hockey, learned Kickboxing from Canada’s Welterweight champion (my head still hurts) and worked in my father’s grocery store. 

Following graduation I set out to help individuals by serving two years for my church only to learn that I was the one being helped and blessed by the wonderful people of Oklahoma.

At Rick’s College, on my first day of English Class, a stunning brunette walked in the door and I immediately vowed that I would marry her!  It took months before I could even get her to acknowledge that I existed but perseverance paid off and Laurie and I have been together ever since!

 Laurie and I have been together now for over 25 years and have been blessed with 8 wonderful children Chris, Briana, Kaitlyn, Brennen, Carter, Bailea, Colton, Bryson.  These are the loves of my life and I could not imagine life without them.

I love to exercise (though sometimes you couldn’t tell haha) and play fantasy football with reckless abandoned (playing the real thing would be much too painful:)

50 years of living has brought many experiences to my life . As a Business Banker for a National Bank I have analyzed financial statements, lent money and assisted many business owners in accomplishing their hopes and dreams.  I have also seen the inner workings of many good businesses and the people behind them.

As an Entrepreneur I have developed over $55,000,000 in real estate, survived the financial crisis of 2008, flipped houses and been involved in starting new businesses from the ground up.

As a family we sold everything and traveled across North America and in our travel trailer seen much of what this beautiful continent has to offer.

I would love to say that every day was sunshine and rainbows, but rainbows don’t come without rain and I have experienced much of that to!

I have always wanted to live my life by the quote “It’s better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your Life” and I know you do to.  That’s why your on this site, because you are a lion at heart learning how you can improve and accomplish.

I  hope you will find our reviews helpful!  To your success!!


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