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I currently reside in Arizona with my beautiful wife and dedicate my free time to creating MindzUnleashed, a place where people can learn how to live the life they want!

Penniless to Prosperous-My Story

Growing up I had heard a lot that I “needed to stay out of debt” “live within my means” “spend less than what you make.” I was never actually taught any principles though on how to do this. When I was twenty years old I got my first credit card from the bank! Man was I excited! I had a $2000 limit on it! Of course, I told myself that  I would always pay it off each month no matter what. At the time I was working as a delivery driver for PizzaHut (I actually made pretty decent money there) so I was able to keep this promise to myself for quite a while. Slowly but surely I began a descent downhill of racking up debt on my credit card. It started off with buying items off the dollar menu at McDonalds and not paying it off. I would pay off some of it, just not all of it. Every month the balance on my card would slowly get higher and higher. I made sure to make at least the minimum payments no matter what. That was good enough. Right? About a year later I went to the bank to…

What is the Road to Success?

  Hi there! What is the road to success? This is something I have been thinking about for quite a long time! I’ve studied for over 2 years now on this topic and have quite a better understanding since I first asked that question! The media and world would have you believe that the road to success is easy, glamorous and fun. If that was the case then everyone would be successful. There are many “guru’s” and “experts” out there that will  say “follow this simple 3 steps system and become rich”. That is honestly not the case though. I’ve learned that the truly successful people in life walked a hard road. They walked it for along time, sometimes even crawled and drug themselves across the pavement. The road to success just isn’t about becoming wealthy either. I order to be truly successful in life you need to have all area’s of your life in working order. If you are married but don’t have a good relationship with your spouse, you aren’t going to be to happy. All area’s in life that need to well balanced include faith, following, fitness, finances, freedom, friends and fun. As you start to get…